About Bowls Wiltshire

(Wiltshire Bowls Association founded 1914, Wiltshire County Women’s Bowls Association founded 1946, unified to Bowls Wiltshire 1st January 2009)

The Moonrakers is the name by which the bowls world best knows Bowls Wiltshire. The County Badge depicts the legend of the Moonrakers and even the county stickers bear the words ‘The Moonrakers’ rather than the county name.

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Bowls Wiltshire is proudly affiliated to Bowls England, the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of Flat Green Lawn Bowls in England.

Unification of Bowls Wiltshire

The unified governing body was formed on 1st January 2009 as the former gender-based Associations (Wiltshire Bowls Association and Wiltshire County Women’s Bowls Association) were brought together under the new title of Bowls Wiltshire.

With the unification process, members unanimously agreed to retain the name and legend of ‘The Moonrakers’.

The main aim of our governing body is to provide first class support to the 44 clubs that make up Bowls Wiltshire and to continue to promote the sport of bowls to everyone.

The Website is an ‘ important source of information’ for Bowls Wiltshire Clubs. June Corbett BW Chairperson (2013)


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