Ladies Johns Trophy Team v Somerset

The selection team of Val Fitzgerald, Sue Baker and Rose Adlam have released the team selected to play in the first round of the Ladies Johns Trophy Championship, against Somerset W.C.B.A at Yeovil B.C on Tuesday 14th June.

The team will be facing a strong Somerset side, who were narrowly defeated in the 2010 Johns Trophy Final by a single shot, against Hertfordshire.

However, the Wiltshire team will be hoping to produce a win against their close county rivals and progress onto the second round against potential opponents Gloucestershire or Worcestershire.

Johns Trophy Team v Somerset W.C.B.A

Rink 1 Rink 2
1. Alison Fail (Purton) 1. Chris Mitchell (Purton)
2. Gillian Lillicrap (Bradford-on-Avon) 2. Sue Burgess (Warminster)
3. Janet Hardie (Box 3. Carol Grenfell (Box)
4. Alex Jacobs (Box) 4. Janet Willis (Stratton Churchway)
Rink 3 Rink 4
1. Jill Webb (Wroughton) 1. Karen Funnell (Box)
2. Cathy Hill (Warminster) 2. Jean Collier (Box)
3. Josie Lloyd (Westlecot) 3. Nancy Oliver (Salisbury)
4. Wendy Anderson (Stratton Churchway) 4. Marguerite Alexander (Devizes)
Rink 5 Rink 6
1. Lesley Trattles (Wilton) 1. Eileen Hawker (Spencer Melksham)
2. Ann Hindley (Wilton) 2. Janice Bull (Amesbury)
3. Marcia Cottle (Spencer Melksham) 3. June Corbett (Swindon Town Gardens)
4. Fizz Mace (North Wilts) 4. Kim Smith (Warminster)
Travelling Reserves
1. Margaret Annetts (Salisbury) 2. Ann Richards (Amesbury)