Bowls Wiltshire Mixed v Avon BC

This game was held to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Avon BC – formerly Cooper Avon – also the 40th Anniversary of the  formation of the Ladies Section . The Club unified in 1999. This celebration was a year late because of the uncertainty over the future of the Club that existed last year. It is good to know that the Club is now secure and, by all accounts, flourishing.

It was a very hot afternoon but a cup of tea at 10 ends and ice lollies distributed during the second half of the game helped to sustain the players. There was a lively atmosphere across the green and much banter took place but some serious bowling was also required because the rinks were very fast and somewhat tricky. The end result was a win for Bowls Wiltshire by 6 shots- 123-117. Top Rink was skipped by Marian Menzies with Dave Nunn, Jill Wyatt and Geoff Toomer. We had an excellent meal afterwards and the Anniversary was well and truly celebrated. Thank you to all the people who helped to make this a thoroughly enjoyable day.