Wiltshire Youth – Worthing 2013

Wiltshire Youth were invited to take part in a game at Worthing on Sunday August 18th. Although we were already committed to taking part in the Bowls Wiltshire Gala Day at Swindon and Amesbury, with a bit of rearranging, we managed to fulfil all commitments. Thanks to a great deal of assistance from Joanna Richman we think we had almost all Wiltshire Juniors Bowling that day.

We arrived at Worthing at 10.45, after a long trip on the Coach, starting in Swindon at 07.45.

All the players were then invited to a team photo with the Bowls England Presidential team.

We then had a triples game against the Hampshire Youth team which was played in a very sporting atmosphere with all the bowlers from both teams delivering some very good bowls. A special mention must be made of Frankie (age 7) whose appetite for bowling was brilliant.Bowls Wiltshire Youth were represented by :- Ben Choules, Sean Ethrington, Jake Jowett, Daniel Bavister, Dave Murray, Kyle Anderson, Edwin Stanford, Jake Webster, Mike Titcombe, Ben Gray, Rhys Crowley, Frankie Stinchcombe, Charlotte Daniell, Jo Richman, Izzy Thomas, Maisie Daniell, and James Richman.

Wiltshire came out the eventual winners at 105 to 89.

Lunch was then provided for the players and some of the supporters. This was followed by a bowls drive, allowing all the players to play with different team members and in all positions. It proved very interesting to watch how they coped with playing out of their regular positions.

All players were then presented with a Tote Bag and a Certificate as a memo of the occasion.Many thanks must be recorded to The Friends of Bowls England for supplying the coach and other funding to make this day possible.

The last time we will be at Worthing.