John’s Trial v BW Men

On Saturday 17th May the second trial for the BW Ladies John’s Team was held at Box BC. The opposition was made up of rinks of Men from Clubs around the County. The afternoon was a little delayed at the start owing to the non appearance of one of the Men’s rinks, the late arrival of another due to a car breakdown which necessitated a rescue mission and finally ….a swarm of bees which caused all the players to retreat into the Club house !!

Once underway the game was played in glorious sunshine and the atmosphere was very competitive particularly because of the way in which the draw had turned out with several of the Lady Skips playing against the Men from their own Club !

The team has now been selected for the first game against Cornwall at Culm Vale BC on Saturday May 31st as follows :-

Skips in bold

1. D. Shadwell – Box, J. Corbett – Town Gardens, S. Ochyra – Devizes,

C. Grenfell – Box

2. A. Fail – Purton, M. Annetts – Salisbury, S. Cooke – Box,

A. Jacobs – Box

3. C. Mitchell – Purton, E Hawker – Spencer Melksham, J. Hardie – Box,

J. Willis – Stratton Churchway

V. Baskerville – Chippenham Town, B. Salter – Wroughton, Kim Smith – Warminster

F. Mace – North Wilts

4. M. Hartley – Avon, L. Smith – Wootton Bassett, W. Gaisford – Devizes,

S. Bartlett – Winsley

5. R. Ellis – Amesbury, J. Lloyd – Westlecot, L. Kingston – Highworth

J. Coleman – Amesbury

Reserves to travel – Julie Jones, Katy Smith

On standby – M. Woolley, D. Godwin