Balcomb Trophy Wiltshire v Warwickshire

Warwickshire got off to a fine start and were 9 -1 up after only three ends and increased their lead to 12 shots by 8 ends. By 14 ends Wiltshire had reduced the lead to 3 shots and at 18 ends were still only 4 shots adrift with all to play for. However over the last few ends Warwicks increased their lead to win by 12 overall  37 shots to 25.

Playing at Rugby Bowls Club was certainly going to be a good home advantage to Warwicks as 6 of their team play their bowls at the Rugby Club and this proved to be the case.

Wiltshire                                      Warwickshire

Graham Hatherall                       M.Wells

Russell Francis                           B.Boardman

Michael Jackson                         C. Jacox

Melvyn Biggs   10                       C. Wells   19


Wayne Simmonds                         M.Murley

Stephen Snell                               R. Robinson

Neil Smith                                    T.Millership

Graham Shadwell  15                      A.Apsey     18

Report from Dave Snell