BW Ladies Johns Team to play Gloucestershire

The following players have been selected for the above match at Devizes BC at 2pm on Saturday 21st June

Skips in bold

1. D. Shadwell – Box, J. Corbett – Town Gardens, S. Ochyra – Devizes,

C. Grenfell – Box

2. A. Fail – Purton, M. Annetts – Salisbury, S. Cooke – Box,

A. Jacobs – Box

3. C. Mitchell – Purton, M. Hartley – Avon, M Woolley – Alderbury

J. Willis – Stratton Churchway

V. Baskerville – Chippenham Town, Katy Smith – Wootton Bassett, Kim Smith – Warminster

F. Mace – North Wilts

4.L. Smith – Wootton Bassett, J. Collier – Box, Julie Jones – Purton

D. Godwin – Spencer Melksham

5. R. Ellis – Amesbury, C. Harding – Wootton Bassett, J.Richman – Highworth

L. Kingston – Highworth

Reserves to travel – W. Gaisford, S. Dix

On standby – J. Hardie, J. Couch