BW Men Centenary Tour 2014

Bowls Wiltshire Centenary Tour                                    Report by Barry Wheeler
Devon Friday 12th Sept. to Monday 15th Sept. 2014
Hotel: The Manor Hotel, Exmouth, Devon
President: Dave Richards, Trowbridge Westbourne B.C.
Friday 12th September 2014
This was the first game of the tour played at Madeira Bowls
Club. It was a very close game, Keith Hutchens was holding
seven shots on the very last end of the match only for the
Madeira skip to draw the shot with his very last bowl.
We lost the match   105 v109


BW Men MadeiraB.C.
K. Hutchens 23 v 10 I. Thompson
R.Fernandes 15 v 26 R.Burch
H.Pryse 22 v 17 D.Macnally
A.Watson 10 v 29 C.Darke
D.Harvey 14 v 19 R.Finch
D.Royle 21 v 8 C.Skinner
105 v 109

WBAatMadeiraBCSep2014 (640x397)


Saturday 13th September 2014
We travelled 8 miles to Topsham Bowls Club, most tourists
by train the remainder by cars. Our opponents were
Bowls Devon Men, they fielded a very strong side including
Bowls England Director and member of Topsham B.C.
David Tucker, we suffered our highest defeat   98 v143


Saturday 13th Sept. V Bowls Devon Men @ Topsham B.C.
BW Men Bowls Devon Men
T.Lloyd 16 v 29 D.Symons
I.Francis 18 v 20 H.Riley
D.Harvey 22 v 22 D.Raddon
D.Richards 8 v 34 M.Theedom
H.Pryse 20 v 14 E.melluish
D.Royle 14 v 24 E.Edworthy
98 v 143


WBAvDevonSep2014 (640x379)


Sunday 14th September 2014
We travelled 12 miles to Ottery St Mary Bowls Club by cars.
This was a very special day for our guest Nancie Colling
who used to live in Wiltshire and regularly travelled to the
English B.A. dinner in London on the W.B.A. Coach.
Nancie, now aged 95 years was Secretary of the English
Women’s B.A. for many years and also won the national
women’s singles title no fewer than three times.
Nancie now lives in Seaton, Devon
As for the match it was our first win   131 v 83


Sunday 14th Sept. V Ottery St Mary B.C.
BW Men Ottery St.Mary B.C.
T.Lloyd 28 v 13 E.Saunders
K.Hutchens 28 v 10 M.Parker
D.Royle 16 v 13 G.Kille
V.Hilton 21 v 18 T.House
D.Richards 14 v 20 N.Lawrence
D.Harvey 24 v 9 M.Smith
131 v 83


WBAatOttStMaryBCSep2014 (640x340)


Monday 15th September 2014
On our return journey we played Shaftesbury B.C. It was
also their centenary year. Prior to he game an exchange of
Centenary badges took place. It was also pointed out that
in 1921 Shaftesbury B.C. were members of Wiltshire B.A.
for one year prior to joining Dorset B.A. when it was
founded in 1922.  The result of the match was    135 v109


Monday 15th Sept. V Shaftesbury B.C.
BW Men Shaftesbury B.C.
K.Hutchens 20 v 17 S.Butler
D.Royle 22 v 23 A.Patterson
D.Harvey 27 v 17 B.Dowell
H.Pryse 13 v 30 R.Alford
R.Fernandes 18 v 13 C.Battell
S.Rose 35 v 9 S.Thompson
135 v 109
Photographs were taken during the tour both on and off
the green. As you will see some of the photographs show tourists
dressed in pink clothes and wigs. They are members of the
tour’s “Pink Club” – if you require further information please
contact the founder of the Pink Club, Jack Peterson.