BW Mixed Friendly v Salisbury & District

The second BW Mixed Friendly of the 2015 Season took place on Sunday 31st May at Downton BC. We were fortunate to have a dry afternoon and actually saw the sun for a while although it was not very warm.

There was much banter as usual – particularly because by some quirk of fate we had the ‘three stooges’ on adjacent rinks in the middle of the green !! This made for a fairly noisy but still competitive game which was won by BW on 5 of the 6 rinks with a draw on the 6th.

There was a lovely meal after the game and we must thank the members of Downton BC for their hard work in hosting this enjoyable afternoon.

These games are open to all members of BW and are always sociable and enjoyable occasions which provide a great opportunity to meet old friends and play against people from BW Clubs that you may not otherwise encounter. Availability sheets are sent to all BW Clubs at the start of the season.