Middleton Cup v Dorset 13th June

                              Wiltshire Middleton Cup Team v Dorset on 13th June 2015
 Away at  Greenhill Bowls Club, Greenhill Gardens, Preston Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7NQ 2.00pm start
Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3
D.Snell (Wooton Bassett) G. Jackson (Westlecot) B.Sictorness (Wootton Bassett)
G.Hatherall (Westlecot) C.Doughty (Holt) C.Cheesley (Wootton Bassett)
M.Jackson (Westlecot) S.Snell (Wootton Bassett) D.Godwin (Wootton Bassett)
M. Biggs (Westlecot) G.Shadwell (Spencer Moulton) G.Morphet (Wootton Bassett)
Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
W.Simmonds (Holt) T.Warner (Amesbury) K.Embling (Westlecot)
K.Rowden (Holt) N.Revell (Amesbury) K.Bailey (Holt)
A.Colebrooke (Spencer Moulton) W. Snook (Holt) T.Walkley (Wootton Bassett)
R.Francis (Spencer Moulton) B.Gadd (Holt) N.Smith (Wootton Bassett)
Reserves : J. Nobbs, C. Hatherall,  M.Titcombe, P.Kistle.
Could all players please report to D. Snell by 1.30pm and please adhere to the new dress code.
We would like all reserves to attend please advise D. Snell if you cannot make it.
D. Snell Tel No 07944-156808