BW Gala Day – August 16th

The BW Charity Galas have been held for a number of years and have usually proved to be very popular. In recent years Swindon and Amesbury BCs have very kindly hosted the two events – one for the North and one for the South of the County.

This year the entries were very disappointing – only 9 clubs entered a team so, with the 2 enthusiastic Youth teams, this made a very awkward 11 entries – only 4 in the North area. However, Swindon BC very generously agreed to go ahead with the event despite the low numbers and the South area venue at Amesbury was organised with 7 teams in two sections and a creative draw to enable everyone to have the same amount of bowling.

The following accounts have been written by the two young bowlers who organised the Youth Teams so a big thank you to them both for their input – both as team Captains and as Reporters/photographers.

South Area – an account from Tom Warner

Gala Day at Amesbury BC Sunday 16 August
On Sunday some of the county’s southern clubs entered teams into the Wiltshire Gala held at Amesbury BC. The weather on the day couldn’t have been better with sunshine and warm spells and the atmosphere of players and spectators alike was one of merriment.
The Wiltshire Youth team was bulked out by the assistance of Thomas Bright from Devizes and Marian Menzies, one of the County Coaches, who came in last minute due to sudden and unfortunate drop-outs.
Wiltshire Youth started the day strongly against Blue Circle with the Pairs (played by Captain Tom Warner and his sister Bethan) winning 19-9, the Triples (played by Ashley Plumb, Nick Revell and Nick’s girlfriend Georgia) narrowly losing 13-10 and the Fours (played by Tom Bright, Marian Menzies, Ashley Peach and David Leighfield) won comfortably 16-2. So 8 points to 2 win with a plus 21 shot difference started the day brightly.
The second game went the Youth’s way again with the Pairs narrowly winning 16-13, the Triples only losing by one 7-8 and the Fours impressively winning 17-1. So another 8 points to 2 win with a further plus 18 shot difference to be added to our previous efforts.
After the lunch break the Youth played both Blue Circle and Downton again but for half games (due to the number of teams entered) where the Youth continued their successful start with two more wins. Against Blue Circle the Pairs won 13-4, the Triples won 10-6 and the Fours won 10-1. Against Downton the Pairs won 12-2, the Triples narrowly lost 7-8 and the Fours won again 10-2.
This meant with a clean sweep that the Wiltshire Youth made it to the Final where they faced last year’s finalists (and runner up to the Youth) Wilton – who similarly had taken a clean sweep in their section throughout the day.
The Final was a much tougher game with the Pairs narrowly losing 14-15 and the Triples drawing 9-9 but another spectacular display from the Fours saw them romp to victory with a 15-4 win, sealing the Trophy for a second consecutive win for the Wiltshire Youth setup.
Thanks go to Amesbury BC for the hospitality and to Bowls Wiltshire  for organising.
North Area – a report from Joanna Richman
The annual BW Gala Day was held at Swindon BC on Sunday 16th August, and we were all thankful that nice weather was in attendance! Due to the lack of response from Wiltshire clubs, there were only 4 teams entered this year – Purton, Highworth, Swindon and Wiltshire Youth North. After 3 games of 70 minutes, the overall winners were a team from Highworth, scoring 24 out of a possible 30 points, with an incredible shot difference of +43. Wiltshire Youth North followed closely behind in 2nd, with 18 points, losing 8-2 to Highworth in their last game.

My thanks go to the members of Swindon BC, Barry Wheeler and the County for all their help in making the day happen and run smoothly. A highly enjoyed day for all!
A big thank you to the members of both Swindon and Amesbury BCs for all the work involved in hosting the Galas again this year. A particular thank you to Barry Wheeler and John Menzies who ran the bowling on the day and to the catering and greens teams at both clubs.