BW Men v Supermarine

Bowls Wiltshire Men V Supermarine BC
Played at Supermarine B.C.                     Date: 2nd August 2015
B.W. MEN Supermarine
RINK      1 J Smith 12 v 21 A Wilkinson
RINK      2 R Button 25 v 21 A Penfold
RINK      3 M Annetts 28 v 10 R Major
RINK      4 D Richards 20 v 17 M Kilburn
RINK      5 R Fredericks 35 v 11 S Weston
RINK      6 J Crowder 12 v 20 A Clark
RESULT 132 V 100

It has to be mentioned that this game took place on President Richard’s birthday last Sunday.

He reports that    ‘A good day was had by all, with a win for BW.’

The game was played in good spirit and the weather was good and the County won.  Richard was also presented with a glass engraved plaque for all the work for the amalgamation of the Wills Club and committee work that he had done over the years with the great support of Iris.

He also sent me a photo of him in his Birthday hat – which apparently he wore all afternoon. It would be a shame not to show you all!!

IMG_0090 (480x640)