Bowls Activator Course Report

On 16th February Wiltshire held its first Bowls Leader Training Course at Devizes Bowls Club.

Bowls club members, local private coaching companies and local authority coaches were invited to complete the training in order to then deliver Just Bowl out into the community.

We are now in the process of arranging Just Bowl sessions into local care homes, village halls, community groups and organisations.

Feedback from the participants include:

I really enjoyed the bowls course, it was great to jump straight in and have a go at playing the sport. I personally felt that I learnt the various techniques and rules better that way and the tutor got across the information really well and made the course very enjoyable. I came away from the course feeling that I would be confident in delivering bowls sessions to a variety of groups. The different sets of kit and games that can be played make it very accessible and we can adapt the session for different groups.

I thought the course was really engaging. Having not played or even tried bowls before I was surprised how enjoyable and tricky it was. Continuously changing the activity and playing various games helped and with plenty of chances to have a go allowed for improvement to take place. The fact it was a practical course with constant involvement helped. I’ll be continuing to use the New Age bowls in lessons, the course has given me some new games to use to engage participants of all ages.

Overall I thought the course, instructor, venue and the assistance of Bowls Wiltshire players was all really positive.