BW Mixed v Salisbury & District

On Sunday 5th June a BW Mixed team played a Salisbury & District team in the annual  Friendly Fixture. This year it was held at Salisbury BC and the weather actually realised that it is June and therefore the sun should be shining so we had a really warm afternoon.

The game was played in the usual good spirit and with much banter – particularly from the direction of the ‘Three Stooges’ – across the rinks.

The game was won by BW with the Top Rink being Marian Menzies with Peter Sanders and Lyn Stanford.

Thank you very much to everyone at Salisbury BC for the excellent hospitality and to Salisbury & District for organising and hosting the game.

20160605_182313 (640x360)

The Three Stooges – often present at BW Mixed games!