Middleton Cup Team v Dorset

Bowls Wiltshire Middleton Cup Team Selection v Dorset

@ Royal Wootton Bassett Bowls Club

18th June 2016 Start 2.00pm

Rink 1

Gary Jackson Westlecot
Michael Richards Westlecot
Graham Hatherall Westlecot
Graham Shadwell     Spencer Moulton

Rink 2

Wayne Simmonds Holt
Craig Hatherall Westlecot
Wayne Snook Holt
Ben Gadd Holt

Rink 3

David Snell Royal Wootton Bassett
James Reynolds Salisbury
Michael Jackson Westlecot
Melvyn Biggs Royal Wootton Bassett

Rink 4

Kevin Embling Royal Wootton Bassett
Michael Titcombe Westlecot
Ian Jefferies Westlecot
Neil Smith Royal Wootton Bassett

Rink 5

Tom Warner Amesbury
Nick Revell Amesbury
Craig Doughty Holt
Russell Francis Spencer Moulton

Rink 6

Adam Bolwell                   Winsley
Kyle Anderson Royal Wootton Bassett
David Godwin Royal Wootton Bassett
Stephen Snell Royal Wootton Bassett


Reserves to attend: Gary Morphet, Chris Cheesley, Keith Bailey,

Chris Poole, Rob Jeffreys, James Richman, Paul Kistle.


Will all players please report to David Snell by 1.30pm, anybody who

cannot attend please ring me on 07944-156808.