BW Men Friendly v Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire County Bowls Association V Bowls Wiltshire (Men)
Played at    Berkhamsted Bowls Club                  Date: 6th August 2016
RINK      1 Paul Mackness Allan Sayers
Fred Beckett Paddy Jones
Andy Bradfield Nigel Woor
Peter Sanders 17 v 19 Colin Dyer
RINK      2 Brian Hollands Peter Vidoy
Vic Ackland David Worker
Alf Varley Brian Smith
Richard Gardiner 19 v 18 Phil Havord
RINK      3 Graham Richards Graham Searle
Derick Smith Mike Doherty
Harold Jones Tom Phipps
John Wilks 18 v 17 David Brown
RINK      4 Don Butchers Peter Clewes-Garner
Sid Jay Dean Russell
Cliff Gumm Graham Marriner
Bill Collier 30 v 17 Mark Harris
RINK      5 Tony Walford Mike Farrow
Jack Peterson Ted Webb
Mark Richardson Keith Avenall
John Buckland 16 v 22 John Loudon
RINK      6 Gordon Black John Hurley
Steve Borrell George Porter
Roger Green Paul Stamp
John southern 17 v 24 Keith Ames
RESULT 117 V 117
Following two heavy defeats it was nice to have a close game with the honours shared