Bowls Wiltshire Ladies vs Warwickshire

The following players have been selected to play for BW Ladies against Warwickshire on Thursday 18 May 2017 at Wellesbourne BC, CV35 9JL. Please arrive by 1pm for a 1.30pm start and a team coach will depart Melksham at 9.45am and stop at Wroughton at 10.30am for further pick ups.

If unable to play please contact Mo Woolley on 01722 324644 and for any dietary requirements please contact Mary Jones on 01380 724562.

Dress will be the new county uniform and all players must arrive in their navy blazers. Hats are optional (if worn they must be regulation with county hatband or white baseball cap) as are tights (if worn they must be light brown). Plain nit navy cardigan and/or jumpers may be worn and all waterproof trousers must be white. Navy blue walking shoes or sandals should be worn to and from the venue.

Rink 1

D Edwards Avon
C Francis Spencer Melksham
B Lilley Devizes
B Salter Wroughton

Rink 2

M Dowthwaite Wroughton
J Corbett Wroughton
J Bull Amesbury
M Annetts Salisbury

Rink 3

M Cooke Broughton Gifford
J Boden Chippenham Town
S Garlick Devizes
S Bartlett Winsley

Rink 4

G Hibberd Wilton
Y Savin Chippenham Town
M Kilburn Supermarine
T Jarrett Pewsey

Rink 5

B Smith Pewsey
J Chandler Winsley
V Baskerville Chippenham Town
P Jones Supermarine

Rink 6

M Price Broughton Gifford
J Hosking Winsley
J Collier Box
R Fitzpatrick Chippenham Town

Reserves to attend

M Jones
J Taylor

Reserves on standby

J Lewis
E Oliver