Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Oxfordshire Result

On Tuesday BWL hosted Warwickshire Ladies at Highworth BC. The weather was lovely and a nice day was had by all despite the scoreline with BWL narrowly losing 113-106 with the rinks tied at 3 apiece.


R Corke/T Jarrett/J Taylor/M Woolley vs M Darta lost 15-28

J Corbett/L Russell/J Bull/B Salter vs C Penson won 20-15

D Edwards/G Truman/B Lilley/M Annetts vs D Jacob won 26-13

B Smith/L Trattles/M Kilburn/F Mace vs S Crick won 22-14

A R-Phare/M Jones/P Jones/D Godwin vs J Berry lost 15-18

M Webber/N Oliver/M Alexander/E Oliver vs C Gaskins lost 8-25