BW Ladies Walker Cup vs Gloucestershire

The below players have been selected to represent BW Ladies in the Walker Cup vs Gloucestershire on Sunday 25 June at Devizes BC. Please arrive by 1.00pm for a 1.30pm start.

Dress code will be the new county uniform with hats optional (if worn they must be regulation with county headband or white baseball cap) and tights optional (if worn they must be light brown). Plain knit navy cardigan and jumpers may be worn and navy blue walking shoes or sandals should accompany this. Waterproof trousers must be white.

This is a big match for us and so any support will be greatly appreciated! Please note that these rinks can be amended at the selectors’ discretion.

Rink 1

Chris Mitchell Purton
Sue Cooke Box
Alison Fail Purton
Alex Jacobs Box

Rink 2

Georgina Newman Avon
Ann Hindley Wilton
Marcia Hartley Avon
Kathryn Yeoman Box

Reserves to attend

Carol Grenfell Box
Kara Little Box