BWL Walker Cup vs Warwickshire Result

On Sunday 28th May the BWL Walker Cup team travelled to Welford-on-Avon bowls club for their first round match against Warwickshire. The weather was hot and sunny, the green played quite well and the competition was fierce!

Wiltshire had a fairly even start across the two rinks and at 5 ends Alex Jacob’s rink was 9-3 up and Kathryn Yeoman’s rink was 11-2 down so 14-11 to Warwickshire overall at this point. The score was very similar at 10 ends with Warwickshire leading 23-20 and at 15 ends with Warwickshire leading 32-30.

In the closing ends the game got very tense with every shot potentially meaning a win or loss. Wiltshire took their first lead in the game on the 17th end with Alex Jacobs taking a 21-13 lead and Kathryn’s foursome picking up a single to trail 20-13. This one shot advantage proved to be the difference in the end with Alex Jacobs winning 25-16 and Kathryn Yeoman recovering well to lose 25-17. An overall win 42-41 for the Wiltshire Ladies.

BWL now face Gloucestershire in the next round.