Mens Triples Quarter Finals Results

Yesterday saw the Men’s Quarter Finals of the Triples taking place at Holt to decide which four teams will contest the semi finals on Sunday 18 June at Devizes BC.

The top half of the draw saw:

Craig Morphet, Kevin Embling and Gary Morphet from Royal Wootton Bassett vs Mick Sawyer, Dave Matthews and John Thomas from Westlecot.

Wayne Simmonds, Wayne Snook and Ben Gadd from Holt vs Barry Sictorness, Neil Smith and Mel Biggs from Royal Wootton Bassett.

The first match of the evening was definitely a game of two halves with Gary’s threesome taking an early 8-1 lead after 5 ends. However, 5 ends later the score was only 9-8 to Gary’s team. The scores stayed very tight throughout and after 15 ends the score was 13-12 to Gary’s team. However, a crucial 5 on end 16 for the Wootton Bassett triple and a 2 on end 17 sealed the game and Gary’s triple proceeds to the semi final.

The second match was also an incredibly tight match and after 5 ends the score was 7-5 in Holt’s favour. However, by 10 ends the scores were level at 10-10. The game didn’t get much larger and by 15 ends the score was 14-13 to Ben’s threesome. Two singles from Mel’s team put them 15-14 in front with one end to play. However, a crucial bowl and great result for Ben’s last bowl saw the Holt threesome take a crucial 2 and win the match 16-15.

In the bottom half of the draw was:

James Nobbs, John Williamson and Chris Cheesley from Royal Wootton Bassett vs Rob Jeffreys, Pete Hardie and Justin Davis from Holt.

Dave Murray, Mark Richman and Rob Etherington from Highworth vs James Richman, Jamie Titcombe and Mike Richards from Westlecot.

Both games looked to be evenly matched and the results didn’t surprise.

In the first match some local knowledge led to a flurry of 3s and 4s for the Holt triple and a 14-4 lead after 8 ends. However, despite a 3 to Chris’ team on end 9, a run of singles to Holt meant they took an 18-11 lead after 16 ends. The grit and determination of the Wootton Bassett saw them make an impressive 5 no end 17 to bring the score to 18-16 to Holt. Unfortunately despite their best efforts Chris’ team dropped a single so Holt took the match 19-16.

The last quarter final was another very close match with neither side looking to give anything away. At 10 ends the score was 8-7 to the Highworth triple. The Highworth boys then picked up a good count of 4 on end 12 but the Westlecot lads drew on their experience to secure a 3 and a 2 on ends 13 and 14 to level the scores at 12-12. At the conclusion of normal play the scores stood at 14-14 and so an extra end was required which went in the favour of Highworth who secure their place in the semi finals.