Revised Men’s Competition Schedule

The Schedule for this weekends Men’s National Competitions is as follows:-

Saturday 28th July

Four Wood Singles Semi Final           9.30am Dave Godwin v Craig Hatherall

Over 55 4’s Final                                9.30am John Anderson Paul Kistle Brian Whittingham & Ian Jefferies v Kevin Embling Graham Richards Alan Small And Dave Snell

Pairs Semi Final                                 11.30am approximately Dave Godwin & Steve Snell v Antony Sprules And James Nobbs

Under 25 Semi Final                           11.30am approximately Jamie Shadwell & Adam Bolwell v Philip Gregory & Craig Hatherall

Sunday 29th July

Four Wood Singles Final                    9.30am Wayne Snook v Dave Godwin or Craig Hatherall

Two Wood Singles Final                     9.30am Tom Warner v Neil Smith

Under 25 Singles Final                       9.30am Tom Newman v Craig Morphet

Under 25 Pairs Final                           9.30am Nathan Richard (Mikey Titcombe is substituting for Nathan) & James Richman v see Saturday Semi Final

Pairs Final                                          11.30am approximately Wayne Simmonds & Wayne Snook V see Saturday semi final

Triples Final                                        After Pairs Final (Approximately 2.30pm) Ashley Plumb Bob Armstrong & Jamie Reynolds v Craig Hatherall Graham Hatherall & Neil Collett

Fours Final                                         After Pairs Final (Approximately 2.30pm) Kyle Anderson Tom Walkley Dave Godwin & Steve Snell v James Nobbs Antony Sprules Craig Morphet & Gary Morphet