BW Men’s White Rose Team win through to National Finals

BW Men’s White Rose Trophy squad yesterday qualified foe the National Finals at Leamington.

Despite some heavy downpours, which left the green unplayable at times, the ‘Wiltshire Moonrakers’ produced an excellent team performance to comfortably win each of their games. Over the course of the day they scored 49 shots and conceded only 16.

The weather was unkind to the less experienced ‘Wiltshire Warriors’. Having done extremely well to take a 12-6 lead over a strong Cornwall team, with 3 ends to play, they dropped 6 shots during a heavy downpour on the 13th end and were unable to score again. Their overall performance was very good, and they were also a credit to Bowls Wiltshire.

The Moonrakers will now proceed to the National Finals, at which we will aim to play a further 3 games, each of 15 ends, on Sunday 1 September at Leamington. The first of these will be against the ‘Durham Dynamos’.

Adam Tanner

BW Men’s Under 25 Team Manager