BW Men win in the Vale of Glamorgan

                                         Bowls Wiltshire


      Vale of Glamorgan
Played at  Dinas Powys BC              Date: 02/07/19
RINK      1 Alan Barrow H Lewis
John Woodhouse B Howcroft
Don Butchers A Goss
John Crowder 16 17 K Chedzoy
RINK      2 Alan Isgrove L Adams
Alan Roberts E T Williams
Dave Hunt A Thomas
Danny Holland 34 12 R Charlton
RINK      3 Gary Hubbard G Duggan
Jack Peterson D Parker
Mick Kilburn A Harvey
Roger Button 11 20 R Janes
RINK      4 Harold Bird K Davies
Roger Easton J Wathes
Richard Gardiner P Church
Dave Williams 14 19 P Marks
RINK      5 Rod Giles M Bishop
Dan Harvey G Dixon
Dave Royle G Phillips
Steve Rose 18 18 M Duckfield
RINK      6 Richard Hosking R Fetcher
Derek Elkins J Manfield
Tudor Parry M Hughes
Alfie Maslen 24 19 G Brown
RESULT 117 V 105
A lovely sunny day in South Wales, with several very close games, however a big win by our team on Rink Two was enough to give the Wiltshire side the overall victory by 12 shots.
Issued on behalf of the President