Bowls Wiltshire Announcement re Affiliation/Competition Fees

These are not normal times!

On the 20th March, in response to the BE announcement that all affiliation fees
were to be returned, I sent a message to all clubs in the county (after discussion
with the gender treasurers) confirming the Bowls Wiltshire’s position at that time,
and that we would review the position in/by June.

This was sent as we did not want to take a knee-jerk reaction and were in no
position to know where we might be, and what bowls would be possible in 2020.
Much has changed since then, with county friendlies, competitions and the leagues
all cancelled; we have spent more time in the garden, read far more humorous
emails and looked at some very clever reinterpretations of songs and in some
instances, lost family, friends and acquaintances.

We believe that now is a good time to follow the BE Goodwill gesture and return
• the Bowls Wiltshire affiliation fees
• the Ladies competitions fees
• the Mens competitions fees
• the County competitions fees

Stewart observed that the League entry fees are from the same clubs each year, so
rather than refund those, we will roll them over to 2021 and save everyone having
to issue cheques next year.

If we are able to arrange any competitions / galas in the latter part of the season,
then for this year only, we will fund any costs from our resources; we will
not pay any prize money in 2020.

We have the bank details for all clubs, so the return of monies could be done online
over the next couple of weeks followed up with a credit note detailing the
breakdown across categories.

Kind regards
Neil Gillespie
For and on behalf of the Bowls Wiltshire Executive