Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Friendly v Avon BC – 100th Anniversary 12th June 2022

Avon BC warmly welcomed the Bowls Wiltshire Mixed team in celebrating their 100th Anniversary.

It was a lovely afternoon, weather wise, the game itself very competitive with Avon coming out on top 93 shots to Bowls Wiltshire 87.

Much thanks was given to those who provided the lovely meal and to the Bar staff who kept us well watered.  Bowls Wiltshire were presented with a plaque to mark the occasion.

From fines and monies collected for the Bowls Wiltshire Charity (Wiltshire Air Ambulance) an amount of £52.93 was raised, Captain June thanked all for their generosity.

Thank you to Avon BC for a lovely afternoon enjoyed by all.

June Corbett

BW Chair