Bowls Wiltshire v Supermarine BC on 3-7-2022 @ Supermarine

Supermarine BC celebrating their 75th Anniversary hosted a Bowls Wiltshire mixed team as part of their special year of celebrations.

An extremely pleasant afternoon was spent and although a very competitive game throughout there was a lot of laughter and camaraderie, with Supermarine winning by 6 shots.

The day ended with an excellent meal enjoyed by all.  Donations for the Bowls Wiltshire Charity (Wiltshire Air Ambulance) was raised and an amount of £49.04 was collected. Thanks was expressed to all for their support and generosity.

Our thanks to Supermarine for making Bowls Wiltshire so welcome , good wishes were expressed for the rest of their celebrations.


Bowls Wiltshire Chair