Greens Advisory Service

The Bowls England Greens Maintenance Advisory Scheme is a service to Bowling Clubs and the hard working people who maintain, often in a voluntary capacity, that hallowed, treasured green. The green is the focal point of every club and as such has a vital role in the club’s life.

The principal aim of the scheme is to offer practical assistance to the club whose green needs attention, in the quickest and simplest manner possible. This is being achieved by a system of Regional Co-ordinators and County Co-ordinators who by reason of their work, experience and constant involvement in green maintenance work, will provide a fund of local knowledge. This will include not only a degree of practical knowledge of greenkeeping, but also recognition of problems and where the expertise and machinery to solve that problem is readily available.

If your club requires help, please contact your County Co-ordinator, and you will immediately be in touch with a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear. He may refer you to a more local source of help or more likely get someone who can advise you on your green – quickly. In all cases the scheme is geared to getting advice promptly – the remedy and the work entailed will be the responsibility of the club.

It is envisaged that the majority of your problems, particularly the ‘panic’ situations, will be dealt with locally. In all cases requiring more specialist knowledge, your county representative will be able to call on the experience and knowledge of the Regional Co-ordinator and his advisors.

This group of people in conjunction with the commercial concerns assisting the Bowls England in this scheme, will also arrange local seminars on such matters as early season preparation work, machinery, irrigation and laying up the green for the winter. At the national level, the scheme’s administrator will advise his regional co-ordinators on contacts with interested commercial concerns and finance. He will generally oversee the scheme and direct its development so that it meets the demands of all bowling clubs.

With this constant review and improvement in mind, your County Co-ordinator, Regional Co-ordinator and National Administrator will welcome your constructive suggestions and comments.


The Bowls Wiltshire Co-Ordinator is N/A

For more information on greens maintenance, please visit the Bowls England website.