Areas and Secretaries

Competition Areas

Please see the list of clubs below for the area groupings of National Championship competitions.

The Women’s National Championships are divided up into two groups (North and South).
Each group has it’s own co-ordinator.

North Area

North Co-ordinator – Mrs Janet Willis (Stratton Churchway B.C)

South Area

South Co-ordinator – Mrs Jean Collier (Box B.C)

The Men’s National Championships are divided into four areas, each with a responsible co-ordinator. Please see below for the clubs within each area group and the co-ordinator for that area.

The County Competitions are similarly split into four separate areas.

Area 1

Area Co-ordinator – Mr Alan Penfold (Supermarine B.C)

Cricklade B.C Rodbourne Cheney B.C Swindon West End B.C
Garrard B.C Stratton Churchway B.C Wanborough B.C
Haydon Wick B.C Supermarine B.C Westlecot B.C
Highworth B.C Swindon B.C Wroughton B.C
Purton B.C Swindon North End B.C
Royal Wootton Bassett B.C Swindon Town Gardens B.C

Area 2

Area Co-ordinator – Mr Keith Hutchens (Chippenham Park B.C)

Calne B.C Corsham B.C North Wilts B.C
Chippenham Park B.C Malmesbury B.C Ramsbury & Albourne B.C
Chippenham Town B.C Marlborough B.C

Area 3

Area Co-ordinator – Mr Maurice Byron (Box B.C)

Avon B.C Devizes B.C Trowbridge Town B.C
Blue Circle B.C Holt B.C Trowbridge Westbourne B.C
Box B.C Spencer Melksham B.C Warminster B.C
Bradford on Avon B.C Spencer Moulton B.C Winsley B.C
Broughton Gifford B.C Trowbridge Police B.C

Area 4

Area Co-ordinator – Mr Peter Riches (Alderbury B.C)

Alderbury B.C Mere B.C Tisbury B.C
Amesbury B.C Pewsey Vale B.C Wilton B.C
Downton B.C Salisbury B.C