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BW Gala Day – August 16th

The BW Charity Galas have been held for a number of years and have usually proved to be very popular. In recent years Swindon and Amesbury BCs have very kindly hosted the two events – one for the North and one for the South of the County.

This year the entries were very disappointing – only 9 clubs entered a team so, with the 2 enthusiastic Youth teams, this made a very awkward 11 entries – only 4 in the North area. However, Swindon BC very generously agreed to go ahead with the event despite the low numbers and the South area venue at Amesbury was organised with 7 teams in two sections and a creative draw to enable everyone to have the same amount of bowling.

The following accounts have been written by the two young bowlers who organised the Youth Teams so a big thank you to them both for their input – both as team Captains and as Reporters/photographers.

South Area – an account from Tom Warner

Gala Day at Amesbury BC Sunday 16 August
On Sunday some of the county’s southern clubs entered teams into the Wiltshire Gala held at Amesbury BC. The weather on the day couldn’t have been better with sunshine and warm spells and the atmosphere of players and spectators alike was one of merriment.
The Wiltshire Youth team was bulked out by the assistance of Thomas Bright from Devizes and Marian Menzies, one of the County Coaches, who came in last minute due to sudden and unfortunate drop-outs.
Wiltshire Youth started the day strongly against Blue Circle with the Pairs (played by Captain Tom Warner and his sister Bethan) winning 19-9, the Triples (played by Ashley Plumb, Nick Revell and Nick’s girlfriend Georgia) narrowly losing 13-10 and the Fours (played by Tom Bright, Marian Menzies, Ashley Peach and David Leighfield) won comfortably 16-2. So 8 points to 2 win with a plus 21 shot difference started the day brightly.
The second game went the Youth’s way again with the Pairs narrowly winning 16-13, the Triples only losing by one 7-8 and the Fours impressively winning 17-1. So another 8 points to 2 win with a further plus 18 shot difference to be added to our previous efforts.
After the lunch break the Youth played both Blue Circle and Downton again but for half games (due to the number of teams entered) where the Youth continued their successful start with two more wins. Against Blue Circle the Pairs won 13-4, the Triples won 10-6 and the Fours won 10-1. Against Downton the Pairs won 12-2, the Triples narrowly lost 7-8 and the Fours won again 10-2.
This meant with a clean sweep that the Wiltshire Youth made it to the Final where they faced last year’s finalists (and runner up to the Youth) Wilton – who similarly had taken a clean sweep in their section throughout the day.
The Final was a much tougher game with the Pairs narrowly losing 14-15 and the Triples drawing 9-9 but another spectacular display from the Fours saw them romp to victory with a 15-4 win, sealing the Trophy for a second consecutive win for the Wiltshire Youth setup.
Thanks go to Amesbury BC for the hospitality and to Bowls Wiltshire  for organising.
North Area – a report from Joanna Richman
The annual BW Gala Day was held at Swindon BC on Sunday 16th August, and we were all thankful that nice weather was in attendance! Due to the lack of response from Wiltshire clubs, there were only 4 teams entered this year – Purton, Highworth, Swindon and Wiltshire Youth North. After 3 games of 70 minutes, the overall winners were a team from Highworth, scoring 24 out of a possible 30 points, with an incredible shot difference of +43. Wiltshire Youth North followed closely behind in 2nd, with 18 points, losing 8-2 to Highworth in their last game.

My thanks go to the members of Swindon BC, Barry Wheeler and the County for all their help in making the day happen and run smoothly. A highly enjoyed day for all!
A big thank you to the members of both Swindon and Amesbury BCs for all the work involved in hosting the Galas again this year. A particular thank you to Barry Wheeler and John Menzies who ran the bowling on the day and to the catering and greens teams at both clubs.

BW Presidents ready to start the Season

Last night – April 9th – the Bowls Wiltshire Management Meeting was very well attended, with 41 of the 49 clubs represented. The meeting included reports from the P&E Officers and some very useful information for Clubs which was supplied by Howard Pryse and Hedley Bowen, both of whom are heavily involved in work for Bowls England as well as for BW. Adie Lloyd – IPP for BE – commented that BW Clubs are very fortunate to have this first hand expertise available to them and asked that we all support them in their work.

IMG_8829 (640x480)

Richard Gardiner – BWM President

At the end of the Meeting the two BW Presidents received their medallions form Acting Chair, Roy Jones. June Corbett, BW Chair, had sent her very best wishes for the 2015 Season to the Presidents and all the bowlers of BW. Last year was good but let’s make this one even better!!

IMG_8828 (640x480)

Joyce Little – BWL President

The Final BW Roadshow

It seemed a bit like the end of term for the Roadshow Team today as we reached the fifth and final Roadshow to be held over the last two weekends. This time we were at Spencer Melksham BC and the room was relatively well filled with 9 Clubs represented. Again there was some lively discussion with some pertinent questions being raised and answered.

We are grateful to the Members of Spencer Melksham who provided hospitality and refreshments today.

IMG_7862 (640x480)

The Team at Spencer Melksham

There will be an information pack available – hopefully in time for a copy to be distributed to every club at the Management Meeting. We hope that those clubs who sent representatives to participate will send in their Feedback Forms to help us to plan future programs to inform Officers and Members of BW about the processes and services which are involved in the running of your organisation.

June Corbett, BW Chairperson, thanked the members of the Roadshow Team for giving up a great deal of time to plan, prepare and present this information in the interests of helping Club Officers with their work.

Roadshow Number 4

After a busy weekend last week the Roadshow Team were in action again on Saturday morning 27th September. This time the venue was Chippenham Town and the attendance was more encouraging with two clubs who had been unable to attend last weekend making the effort to catch us this time around.

Our thanks to Chippenham Town for their hospitality.

The Presentations were switched round to allow Nigel to dash off to Swindon to run his first Coaches session of the Winter Season. There was plenty of useful discussion and all who attended were appreciative of the information and advice on offer. Equally, they contributed some very worthwhile ideas which BW can work on for the future.

IMG_7858 (640x480)

The team at Chippenham BC

The final Roadshow takes place tomorrow – Sunday 28th September – at Spencer Melksham BC at 10am. If you have not caught us so far – or even if you have- please feel free to come along.

BW Roadshow Day 2

On Sunday 21st September the Roadshow team traveled to Swindon to stage two more presentations. This time for 20 Clubs in the North of the County which could potentially have meant 60 people attending so we split the day into two sessions to allow for a better discussion experience. As with the event at Salisbury the attendance was very disappointing but the actual presentations were very well received and those who took part were very appreciative.

IMG_7850 (640x480)

The team at Swindon BC

We are very grateful to Swindon BC for hosting this day for BW and especially to Barry for the rolls at lunchtime!!

If your Club has not yet attended a Roadshow please join us at either Chippenham Town on Saturday 27th September at 10am or Spencer Melksham on Sunday 28th September at 10am – even if you are not one of the Clubs invited to these two venues. We would really like as many Club Officers as possible to hear the Presentations.

BW Roadshow 2014

On Saturday 20th September the first of five Bowls Wiltshire Roadshows took place. We are very grateful to the members of Salisbury BC who gave up their time to host the event and provide refreshments.

IMG_7847 (640x480)

The Roadshow Team – Gerald, Dave, Nigel, Dan, Sue & John

The idea was born earlier this year when the P&E Committee decided that there was a need to find a way to explain some of the Administrative processes involved in running a Bowls Club as part of Bowls Wiltshire. In particular the areas of Communication, Membership, Coaching and Umpiring were selected for inclusion. We appreciate that Club Officers are all volunteers and that they often need some help with the tasks they find themselves having to deal with so we decided to make it easy to attend a seminar by taking it to different areas of the County and inviting a manageable number of Clubs to send 3 Officers (suggested Secretary, Treasurer and Club Contact but any interested member could replace one of these if required) This was with the intention of facilitating a discussion which is not possible with a larger meeting.

The first one was successful on most of these counts although the attendance was a bit disappointing. Our thanks to those who attended and contributed to the very useful and informative discussions that took place.

We hope to have more Clubs represented at the next four events…

Sunday 21st September at Swindon BC at 10am & 2pm

Saturday 27th September at Chippenham Town BC at 10am

Sunday 28th September at Spencer Melksham BC at 10am

BW Charity Galas – a good day out !

On Sunday August 17th the Annual BW Charity Galas took place at Swindon and Amesbury BCs.

The weather was a little changeable but did not interfere with the play.

At Swindon there were 7 teams which meant that the Competition had to be played in two sections – one of 3 and one of 4 teams. What a pity all our efforts could not persuade another team to enter! The section of 3 was won convincingly by the BW Nomads – a team made up of various random BW Officers and other willing participants!! The section of 4 was won by Chippenham Town so these two teams competed in the Final which turned out to be a very close affair which was only settled on the final end in favour of BW Nomads with the Rink losing 8-11, the Triple winning 14-9 and the Pair 15-13 to make a total of 37-33.

The Cup and cheque were presented to BW Chairperson, June Corbett and the team decided to return half of their winnings to the BW Benevolent Funds for whom these Galas are played.

We are very grateful to Swindon BC for hosting this Gala and to all the hard working members – led by Barry Wheeler – who made the day so enjoyable while raising money for the Benevolent Funds.

We must also thank PEARCE FUNERAL SERVICES for their sponsorship of the Gala.

Meanwhile at the Amesbury venue play was also underway and this report is from John Menzies – thank you to John for running the event.
After some chasing around we finally had a full compliment for the Gala, Thank you to the people who agreed to play at the last minute .
We played in 2 sections as in previous years.
Section “A” was a clear win for Wilton with 28 points, their nearest rivals were Mere and Trowbridge Town with 12 points each with Downton on 8 points to complete the section
Section “B” was a much closer battle with Wiltshire Youth coming out on top with 18 points, Amesbury a close second 17 points followed by Devizes A 13 points and Blue Circle on 12
The Final, played between Wilton and Wiltshire Youth was all level at the whistle, with Wiltshire Youth coming out the Victors of the extra end.
Thank you to Amesbury BC for hosting the day again and also to “THE EYEWEAR OUTLET” of Salisbury for sponsoring the event.