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Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Glamorgan Result

On 28 June BWL travelled to Cardiff Bowls Club for a friendly against Glamorgan. Unfortunately the weather was very poor and the game was played indoors and only 18 ends played due to time constraints. BWL narrowly missed out on the match losing 98-94 overall and shared 3 rinks apiece. Rink scores as below:

J Hunt/M Kilburn/D Davis/M Woolley vs J de Souza won 19-10

M Price/L Stanford/J Rowe/B Salter vs T Gowan won 15-14

J Couch/M Jenkins/D Toomer/M Annetts vs P John lost 13-18

J Corbett/M Webber/B Lilley/D Godwin vs G Miles lost 14-22

G Hibberd/M Jones/M Jay/F Mace vs M Newman lost 15-17

D Edwards/A Roberts/J Bull/P Jones vs E Davies won 18-17

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Oxfordshire Result

On Tuesday BWL hosted Warwickshire Ladies at Highworth BC. The weather was lovely and a nice day was had by all despite the scoreline with BWL narrowly losing 113-106 with the rinks tied at 3 apiece.


R Corke/T Jarrett/J Taylor/M Woolley vs M Darta lost 15-28

J Corbett/L Russell/J Bull/B Salter vs C Penson won 20-15

D Edwards/G Truman/B Lilley/M Annetts vs D Jacob won 26-13

B Smith/L Trattles/M Kilburn/F Mace vs S Crick won 22-14

A R-Phare/M Jones/P Jones/D Godwin vs J Berry lost 15-18

M Webber/N Oliver/M Alexander/E Oliver vs C Gaskins lost 8-25

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Warwickshire Result

On Thursday BWL travelled to Wellesbourne BC to play Warwickshire Ladies. A nice day was had by all despite scoreline with BWL losing 126-79 and having no winning rinks:

J Corbett/M Alexander/J Bull/M Annetts vs E Taylor lost 13-16

D Edwards/C Francis/B Lilley/B Salter vs S Hornsky lost 16-21

B Smith/J Chandler/V Baskerville/P Jones vs J Corn lost 15-20

M Cooke/J Lewis/S Garlick/S Bartlett vs P Bax lost 10-28

J Taylor/J Hoskins/J Collier/R Fitzpatrick vs M Edwards lost 13-22

G Hibberd/M Jones/M Kilburn/T Jarrett vs M Tims lost 12-19

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Cornwall Result

On Tuesday BWL travelled to Tiverton BC to play Cornwall Ladies. A nice day was had by all despite the torrential showers that occured throughout the day! BWL ran out the eventual winners with a score line of 102 shots to 90 and BWL won on 4 out of the 6 rinks. Rink scores as below:

J Coyle/J Corbett/J Bull/M Annetts vs M Chapman won 16-15

C Francis/E Oliver/J Collier/C Grenfell vs J Maunder lost 14-22

A R-Phare/V Baskerville/K Kirby/B Salter vs E Bray won 16-14

A Hindley/S Garlick/D Davis/J Willis vs J Rees lost 13-14

C Mitchell/G Hibberd/F Mace/A Fail vs S Coad won 20-15

J Hunt/B Lilley/M Woolley/R Fitzpatrick vs R Clegg won 23-10

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v West Glamorgan Result

Yesterday BWL hosted West Glamorgan at Box BC and no one could have asked for a nicer day! BWL ran out the eventual winners with a score line of 130 shots to 94 and BWL won on 5 out of the 6 rinks. Rink scores as below:

D Edwards/M Greenwood/C Coombs/M Woolley vs Y Davies won 21-14

J Coyle/J Buckland/L Perfitt/S Garlick vs G Thomas won 23-16

V Baskerville/M Jenkins/J Bull/D Godwin vs M Davies won 34-11

M Pratt/P Reeves/M Webber/J Willis vs M Davies won 23-16

D Toomer/J Corbett/B Lilley/F Mace vs M Cowley won 17-15

A Hindley/L Stanford/M Jay/B Salter vs W Evans lost 12-22

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies vs West Glamorgan

The following players have been selected to play for BW Ladies against West Glamorgan on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at Box BC. Please arrive by 1pm for a 1.30pm start and arrange your own transport.

If unable to play please contact Mo Woolley on 01722 324644 and for any dietary requirements please contact Mary Jones on 01380 724562.

Dress will be the new county uniform and all players must arrive in their navy blazers. Hats are optional (if worn they must be regulation with county hatband or white baseball cap) as are tights (if worn they must be light brown). Plain nit navy cardigan and/or jumpers may be worn and all waterproof trousers must be white. Navy blue walking shoes or sandals should be worn to and from the venue.

Rink 1

D Edwards Avon
M Greenwood Devizes
C Coombs Westlecot
M Woolley Alderbury

Rink 2

A Hindley Wilton
L Stanford Amesbury
M Jay Spencer Melksham
B Salter Wroughton

Rink 3

D Toomer Wilton
J Corbett Wroughton
B Lilley Devizes
F Mace North Wilts

Rink 4

M Pratt Bradford on Avon
P Reeves Devizes
M Webber Alderbury
J Willis Stratton Churchway

Rink 5

V Baskerville Chippenham Town
M Jenkins Spencer Melksham
J Bull Amesbury
D Godwin Spencer Melksham

Rink 6

J Coyle North Wilts
J Buckland Avon
L Perfitt Westlecot
S Garlick Devizes

Reserves to attend

B Lilley
Y Savin

Reserves on standby

V Baskerville
J Boden