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BW Men beat Essex at Maidenhead Town BC

A great venue with excellent hosts and numerous Red Kites flying overhead

Bowls Wiltshire (Men) V Essex C.B.A.
Played at  Maidenhead Town B.C.             Date: 11/09/18
RINK      1 Dave Nunn Steve Hart
Alan Penfold John Fergie Junior
Mick Kilburn Stephen Hill
Bill Collier 18 18 Tim Mould
RINK      2 Bob George David Sageman
Harold Jones Eddie Kennedy
Graham Annetts Dave Griggs
Stewart Allison 21 18 Graham Smith
RINK      3 Peter Sanders Terry Mixen
Jack Peterson Alan Whale
Brian Merritt Graham Evans
Bob Fredericks 23 13 Dave Starkey
RINK      4 Tony Walford Ken Spicer
Denis May Ernie Pascoe
Paul Pope Dennis Mills
Colin Easton 22 15 David Jarrold
RINK      5 Dave Edmonds Peter Barham
Del Smith Harry Tod
Richard Gardiner Tony Lindfield
Alan Small 27 39 Keith Riley
RINK      6 Barry Folland David Johnson
Phil Collier Keith Thompson
Gery Tinson Brian Bearman
Gerald Webb 21 17 Frank Abbott
RESULT 132 V 120
A very enjoyable afternoon, played in good spirits and excellent hosts
Issued on behalf of the President

Bowls Wiltshire Men in close Friendly with Herefordshire

Bowls Wiltshire Men played their latest Friendly against Herefordshire at Supermarine. Although at one point BWM were losing on all rinks they fought back to win on three but narrowly lost the game by 2 shots. Our thanks to Supermarine who agreed to host the match at very short noticed and did a great job.

Bowls Wiltshire


Bowls Herefordshire

Played at  Supermarine BC              Date: 30/08/18

RINK      1 Roy Major       Rob Bell  
Nigel Burgoyne       Alec Tandler  
Dave Macey       Joe Scamp  
Dave Williams




Don Pugh
RINK      2 Gary Hubbard       Taff Pritchard  
Alan Roberts       Ron Perry  
Gerry Tinson       John Woaks  
Alan Greenland




Malcolm Ehrler
RINK      3 Alec Burden       Ray Harris  
Michael Jones       Peter Martin  
Stewart Allison       Glyn LLoyd  
Gerald Webb




David Holloway
RINK      4 Barry Folland       Alex Lowe  
Frank Botting       Clive Allen  
Richard Gardiner       Glyn Williams  
Bob Fredericks




Phill Williams
RINK      5 Philip Wells       Dave Hall  
Peter Young       Ray Small  
Derek Francis       Mike Horsfall  
Brian Merritt




John Weal
RINK      6 Peter Naish       Keith Price  
Jack Peterson       Glyn Perry  
Keith Bird       Bryan Robinson  
Dave Richards




Russell Jones




A very close result, but not our day.  
Issued on behalf of the President        


Bowls Wilts Men Result of Friendly against Oxfordshire

Bowls Wiltshire V Bowls Oxfordshire
Played at  Swindon West End.              Date: 24/07/17
RINK      1 Barry Folland Mike Jones
Frank Botting Eddie Dorling
Brian Merritt Les Days
Stewart Allison 27 26 Paul Robbins
RINK      2 Harold Bird Allan Hunt
Sid Jay John Timms
Mick Kilburn John Benfield
Dave Williams 25 17 Alan Ley
RINK      3 Gordon Black Barry Willoughby
Bob Walton Andrew French
Keith Bird Marin Oliver
Martin Whittiker 19 17 Brian Bloomfield
RINK      4 Peter Naish Roy Radband
Denis May Percy Hickman
Paul Pope Jim Lucas
Peter Sanders 26 12 Alan Wase
RINK      5 Brian Hollands Paul Demczak
Roger Easton Paul Killackey
Bob George Mick Morris
Richard Gardiner 13 21 Ian Whelpton
RINK      6 Alan Barrow Steve Tolhurst
Dave Hunt Alan Melville
Jack Peterson John Hurren
Bob Fredericks 16 19 Ken Williams
RESULT 126 V 112
A good win on a very hot sunny afternoon. Well played all .
Issued on behalf of the President

BW Men’s team to play BW Ladies

President;-  Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C.)
Men’s Administrator; Philip Wells (Avon B.C.)
Tel. No. 01225 352283 E-mail;
DATE;- Wednesday 12th September 2018 Venue;- Avon B.C. Melksham House. Melksham  SN12 6ES                                    Tel No. 01225-352283
Commence ;- 1.30pm Cost;- £8.00 Payable on the day (Cash Only Please)
Colin Easton Avon Frank Botting Salisbury
Ken Bray Avon Graham Annetts Salisbury
Tom Newman Avon Richard Gardiner Supermarine
Stewart Allison President Dave Williams S.V.P.
Harold Bird Chippenham Park Bob George Wroughton
Ivan Hadlow Chippenham Park Richard Francis Trowbridge Town
Dave Richards Trowbridge Westbourne John Smith Malmesbury
John Crowder J.V.P. Martin Salter Wroughton
Philip Wells Avon Alec Burden Amesbury
Neil Gillespie Downton Mick Kilburn Supermarine
Peter Sanders Spencer Melksham Brian Merritt Salisbury
Bob Fredericks Salisbury Bill Collier Amesbury
Reserves (In Club Order);- Bryan Dimmick (Avon) ; Tony Walford (Calne) ; Maurice Porter, Phil Collier (Chippenham Park) ;Gerald Webb (Devizes) ; Alan Small (Royal Wootton Bassett) ;David Nunn (Spencer Melksham) ; Alan Penfold, Roy Majors (Supermarine) ; Peter Naish, Roger Easton (Trowbridge Westbourne) ; Dave Macey, Keith Redfearn (Warminster)


BW Men’s team to play Essex CBA

President;-  Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C.)
Men’s Administrator; Philip Wells (Avon B.C.)
Tel. No. 01225 352283 E-mail;
DATE;- Tuesday 11th September 2018 Venue;- Maidenhead Town B.C. Oaken Grove Park, Oaken Grove, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 6HL ; Tel; 01628 675 911
Commence ;- 2.00pm Cost;- £8.00 Payable on the day (Cash Only Please)
Bob George Wroughton Peter Sanders Spencer Melksham
Harold Jones Royal Wootton Bassett Brian Merritt Salisbury
Graham Annetts Salisbury Bob Fredericks Salisbury
Stewart Allison President Dave Williams S.V.P.
Dave Edmonds Royal Wootton Bassett Barry Folland Salisbury
Del Smith Royal Wootton Bassett Phil Collier Chippenham Park
Alan Small Royal Wootton Bassett Gerry Tinson Chippenham Park
John Crowder Avon Gerald Webb Devizes
David Nunn Spencer Melksham Tony Walford Calne
Alan Penfold Supermarine Dennis May Swindon North End
Roy Major Supermarine Paul Pope Swindon North End
Bill Collier Amesbury Colin Easton Avon
Reserves (In Club Order);- Alan Greenland. Ivan Hadlow (Chippenham Park) ; Neil Gillespie (Downton) ; Peter Young (Malmesbury) ; Alan Isgrove, Bob Holdom, Don Butchers (Mere) ; Michael Jones (Royal Wootton Bassett) ;Frank Botting (Salisbury) ; Mick Kilburn (Supermarine) ; Don French, Roger Easton (Trowbridge Westbourne)

BW Men’s team to play Somerset B A

President:-  Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C.)
Men’s Administrator: Philip Wells (Avon B.C.)
Tel. No. 01225 352283 E-mail:
DATE:- Wednesday 5th September 2018 Venue:- Paulton B.C. Recreation Ground, Tennis Court Road, Paulton, Somerset        BS39 7LU : Tel. No. 07538 607996
Commence :- 2.00pm Cost:- £8.00 Payable on the day (Cash Only Please)
Richard Francis Trowbridge Town Harold Bird Chippenham Park
Peter Young Malmesbury Keith Bird Warminster
John Smith Malmesbury Graham Annetts Salisbury
Stewart Allison President Dave Williams S.V.P.
Keith Redfearn Warminster Bob Holdom Mere
Neil Gillespie Downton Alan Isgrove Mere
Richard Gardiner Supermarine Don Butchers Mere
Alan Greenland Chippenham Park Peter Sanders Spencer Melksham
Philip Wells Avon Peter Naish Trowbridge Westbourne
Maurice Porter Chippenham Park Alan Roberts Chippenham Park
Mick Kilburn Supermarine Peter West Chippenham Park
Clive Swift Blue Circle Adie Lloyd North Wilts
Reserves (In Club Order):- Alec Burdon, Bill Collier (Amesbury) : Derek Francis (Avon) : Tony Walford (Calne) : Gerald Webb ( Devizes) : Alan Small, Dave Edmonds, Del Smith, Harold Jones, Michael Jones (Royal Wootton Bassett) : Barry Folland, Bob Fredericks, Brian Merritt, Frank Botting (Salisbury) :Roy Major (Supermarine) : Dennis May, Paul Pope (Swindon North End) : Don French (Trowbridge Westbourne)

BW Men’s team to play the President Club

President;-  Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C.)
Men’s Administrator; Philip Wells (Avon B.C.)
Tel. No. 01225 352283 E-mail;
DATE;- Sunday 12th August 2018 Venue;- Chippenham Park B.C. Ricardo Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 1PA                     Tel. No. 01249 651575
Commence ;- 2.30pm Cost;- £8.00 Payable on the day (Cash Only Please)
T.B.A. Winsley Bob Holdom Mere
T.B.A. Winsley Alan Isgrove Mere
T.B.A. Winsley Don Butchers Mere
Stewart Allison President Dave Williams S.V.P.
Rod Giles Rodbourne Cheney Don French Trowbridge Westbourne
Dan Harvey Rodbourne Cheney Ken Bray Avon
Dave Royal Rodbourne Cheney Martin Salter Wroughton
Steve Rose Rodbourne Cheney John Crowder J.V.P.
John Spooner Chippenham Town Roger Easton Trowbridge Westbourne
John Wilks Royal Wootton Bassett Alan Penfold Supermarine
Dave Richards Trowbridge Westbourne Peter Young Malmesbury
Gerald Webb Devizes Jim Smith Malmesbury
Reserves (In Club Order);- Bill Collier (Amesbury) ; Alan Greenland, Alan Roberts, Dave Hunt, Gary Hubbard, Gerry Tinson, Harold Bird, Ivan Hadlow, Maurice Porter, Mike Plumb, Peter West (Chippenham Park) ; Dave Edmonds, Harold Jones (Royal Wootton Bassett) ; David Nunn, Peter Sanders (Spencer Melksham) ; David Haeckel, Mike Mortimer, Richard Francis (Trowbridge Town) ; Peter Naish (Trowbridge Town) ; Keith Redfearn (Warminster)