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BW Mixed Celebration Game 100716

On Sunday 10th July a BW Mixed team went to Chippenham Park to help with their celebrations for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. The game was played in good spirit as always with the usual banter across the rinks – particularly between the ‘3 Stooges’ who have become an integral part of these very enjoyable afternoons. Unfortunately the weather intervened with a few ends to go and play was abandoned as the heavens opened. This did not put a damper on the proceedings and everyone packed up the bag full of wet kit which has been a regular feature of the 2016 season and adjourned to the club house. The Club members had worked very hard to put on a lovely meal which was enjoyed by all after a toast was made to the Queen. Once the eating was done the usual speeches took place with the, now customary, list of ‘June’s Fines’ (recorded in a special little note book!) which help to swell the funds in the BWM President’s Charity box for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Thank you very much to Chippenham Park BC for a lovely afternoon.


BW Mixed v Swindon West End

On Sunday 3rd July a BW Mixed side went to Swindon West End to play a Friendly game as part of the Club’s 90th Anniversary celebrations. The sun shone and everyone appeared to enjoy the game which was won by West End (114 -102) The Club had worked very hard to provide a lovely meal and the raffle was well supported. BW Chair, June, collected various fines for random – often unwitting!- misdemeanors which all helped to swell the Wiltshire Air Ambulance funds.

Thank you to all at Swindon West End for a very enjoyable afternoon and best wishes for the rest of your special season.

BW Mixed v Highworth BC

On Sunday June 12th a BW Mixed team went to Highworth BC to help them to celebrate their 80th Anniversary. The game was played in good spirit on a lovely sunny afternoon. There was an excellent meal prepared for us all when we came off the green and everyone enjoyed the social atmosphere – although a number of people were fined by June Corbett, BW Chair, for various random misdemeanors ! All proceeds to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The game was won by 119 – 106 by Highworth and the Top Rink for BW  was Sue Ochyra with Janice Bull, Jim Cremin and Karen Guy.

A big thank you to Highworth for their hospitality and congratulations to the Club on its 80th Anniversary.

DSCF5028 (640x360)

The BW Team

DSCF5031 (640x360)

Both teams ready for the game

DSCF5032 (640x360)

The Highworth Team

BW Mixed v Salisbury & District

On Sunday 5th June a BW Mixed team played a Salisbury & District team in the annual  Friendly Fixture. This year it was held at Salisbury BC and the weather actually realised that it is June and therefore the sun should be shining so we had a really warm afternoon.

The game was played in the usual good spirit and with much banter – particularly from the direction of the ‘Three Stooges’ – across the rinks.

The game was won by BW with the Top Rink being Marian Menzies with Peter Sanders and Lyn Stanford.

Thank you very much to everyone at Salisbury BC for the excellent hospitality and to Salisbury & District for organising and hosting the game.

20160605_182313 (640x360)

The Three Stooges – often present at BW Mixed games!

BW Mixed v Swindon County Ground

On Sunday 7th June a BW Mixed side arrived at County Ground BC to play a game to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the club. It was a lovely warm, sunny afternoon and this allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the occasion. The game was played in good spirits with the ‘three stooges’ again on top form and with many others joining in with the banter and camaraderie that is a regular feature of these games. Nevertheless, the BW players are always competitive, and there was no exception to this rule, with the result being a win for BW by 10 shots. The Top Rink was skipped by Dave Richards with June Corbett, Don Butchers and Karen Kirby.

The meal was served partially al fresco and was appreciated by all after a busy afternoon on the green. Afterwards everyone convened in the club house for the speeches and raffle. There was the usual friendly exchange of thanks and congratulations during which certain members of the BW team were fined for their behaviour during the afternoon – there were three of them – see above !!! This resulted in a retaliation in the form of a reciprocal fine being extracted from the BW Chair, June !!

All in all this was a great afternoon and was enjoyed by all. A BIG thank you to the lovely members of County Ground BC for the invitation to play at their Club on this special occasion and for their excellent hospitality. We wish them all the best for the remaining part of their 90th year.

BW Mixed Friendly v Salisbury & District

The second BW Mixed Friendly of the 2015 Season took place on Sunday 31st May at Downton BC. We were fortunate to have a dry afternoon and actually saw the sun for a while although it was not very warm.

There was much banter as usual – particularly because by some quirk of fate we had the ‘three stooges’ on adjacent rinks in the middle of the green !! This made for a fairly noisy but still competitive game which was won by BW on 5 of the 6 rinks with a draw on the 6th.

There was a lovely meal after the game and we must thank the members of Downton BC for their hard work in hosting this enjoyable afternoon.

These games are open to all members of BW and are always sociable and enjoyable occasions which provide a great opportunity to meet old friends and play against people from BW Clubs that you may not otherwise encounter. Availability sheets are sent to all BW Clubs at the start of the season.