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We are delighted to have been able to deliver a full season of domestic competitive
events in 2021, culminating in our National Finals in Victoria Park, Royal Leamington
Spa. The season provided a number of challenges as we sought to enable all bowlers to
participate safely whilst navigating through the gradual relaxation of Covid-19
restrictions. We thank everyone for the part they played in a full summer of competitive
The introduction of shorter formats in all events provided the maximum flexibility for
players, clubs and counties to arrange their respective matches. The change in format
has led to a healthy debate on our national competition programme and, building on
previous insight, we have digested the recent survey which was completed by both
current and prospective participants.
As part of our core aim to grow participation in lawn bowls, a priority is to deliver an
annual programme of national competitions which provide a structure and environment
for all players to feel challenged, rewarded and committed to our sport. This involves
satisfying the needs of existing competitions entrants, whilst ensuring competitions are
accessible for as broad a range of bowlers as possible. There is little doubt the number
one barrier to people entering competitions, or entering more competitions, is pressures
on their time.
To that end, our outline plans for 2022 were sent to all county associations last week
and, following their feedback, we are pleased to share them more widely.
National Finals 2022
We have repeatedly outlined that 2022 is a challenging year for the domestic calendar,
and we have been advised that Birmingham 2022 has use of the Victoria Park venue
until Thursday 18th August. Building in venue set-up time, the indicative dates for the
Bowls England National Finals are Thursday 25th August to Sunday 11th September
inclusive. We will be meeting with Birmingham 2022 and Warwick District Council to
confirm this and are mindful of the challenges of the later date on players and
We will be reflecting on this year’s National Finals and making improvements based on
your feedback. We aim to go on ticket sale for the 2022 National Finals before the end
of 2021. Please sign up to our Jack newsletter for updates.

National Championship 2022 – Formats and Qualification
Following an analysis of the survey results and feedback from counties, we will be
running all the National Championships using the following formats:
 Singles (including Junior Singles) – 21 up
 Pairs (including Junior Pairs) – Four bowls 18 ends
 Triples – Three bowls 18 ends
 Fours (including Senior Fours) – Two bowls 18 ends
 Two-bowl singles – Two bowls 21 ends

For the integrity of the events, the same format must be played at all stages of the
Championships including county qualifying rounds. As in 2021, there will be 48 qualifiers
for the National Finals in Championship events. The 13 counties with the most entrants
in each event will receive two qualification places.
The closing date for receipt of qualifier information from counties to Bowls England will
be Monday 8th August 2022.
Inter-County Events
To provide more space in the competition schedule, the Middleton and Johns will remain
as knock-out competitions and the Finals will be played as part of the 2022 National
Finals. Qualifying for the Balcomb Trophy, Walker Cup, White Rose Trophy and Amy
Rose Bowl will also remain as knockout as in 2021, but the Regional Finals for the
respective events for each gender will be on separate dates. We shall circulate the
programme for inter-county events next month once the wider National Competition
programme has been confirmed.
National Competitions and National Finals Schedule 2022
Based on the feedback and the logistical challenges of fitting around Birmingham 2022,
we will spend the next few weeks working on the following:
 Developing the National Finals schedule to maximize the number of players taking
part and enhance the spectator experience
 Formats of play in National Competitions and the point at which each competition
proceeds to the National Finals
 Introduction of regional stages of National Competitions to reduce travel time for
players and to take advantage of staging local events around the Commonwealth
 The financial viability of additional live streaming during the 2022 National Finals
Entries for National Competitions will be opened once this work has been completed,
which we anticipate to be towards the middle of October.
International Events and Commonwealth Games preparation
Discussions regarding the British Isles events (Championships and International Series)
are ongoing between the nations that form the respective organising bodies regarding
plans for 2022. Details will be circulated once finalised.
More broadly, the England squad’s preparations for Birmingham 2022 will become more
intense as we get closer to the Games. We will be organising the international schedule
once we are clear about the domestic calendar, working with all stakeholders to ensure
our players are well-prepared mentally and physically for a home Games.
Autumn Counties Meeting
We will be meeting with Counties in the autumn to explore some of the outstanding
areas of discussion for the 2022 National Championships, Competitions and Finals, as
well as looking forward to 2023 and beyond.
We will continue to assess the merits of changes made to competitions, digest feedback
from players about their experience of playing in national competitions and ensure our
competitions programme meets the needs of participants and Bowls England’s strategy.

Day two of the Bowls Wiltshire County Finals

Sunday saw the second day of the BW County Finals at Devizes BC. The Ladies Top Ten saw Purton beat Amesbury 3 disciplines to 2 whilst in the Ladies Champion of Champions Marcia Easton of Avon beat Linda Young from Highworth 21 – 8.

The inaugural playing of the Ladies Over 70 Triples saw Mary Newman, Carol Grenfell and Jean Collier from Box defeat Irene Button, Viv Baskerville and Barbara Land from Chippenham Town 19 – 15.

In the Men’s Unbadged Singles Tom Pittuck of Highworth beat Josh Fail from Purton 21 – 15 and in the Officers Triples Joanne Hicks, Chris Davis and Stuart Murray from Highworth beat Malcom Hole, Marcia Easton and Colin Easton from Avon 24 – 11.

In the last final to be played Purton beat Box 45 – 35 in the Mixed Double Rink and so an end to another season of out door bowls.

A big thankyou to Devizes  Bowls Clubs for hosting a successful weekend of bowling.

News from the first day of the County Finals

On the first day of the County finals held at Devizes BC there were wins in the Ladies Unbadged for Sylvia Crabbe from Avon. Having beaten Elise Ambridge of Trowbridge Westbourne 16 – 8 in the semi final she went onto beat Deborah Hitchcox of Stratton Churchway in the final 15 – 14 after an extra end.

In the Secretary & Treasurers Allison Fail and Paul Boyles from Purton beat Don Butchers and Richard Coombs of Mere 22 – 11.

The Greenkeepers competition saw Martin Neale of Wilton defeat Dave Betteridge of Trowbridge Town 21 – 18 whilst in the Men’s Champion of Champions Andy Moore of Spencer Melksham beat Tom Pittuck Highworth (Stratton Churchway) 21 – 9.

In the Benevolent Triples Janet Willis’s team from Stratton Churchway beat a triple from Westlecot lead by Linda Perfitt 17 – 11 and in the Men’s Over 60 Triples Rob Clews, Richard Gainey & Will Jones from Chippenham Town defended the title when they beat Dave Reeves, Steve Gedge & Andy Moore 17 – 13.

in the Men’s Tourist Trophy there was a convincing win for Royal Wootton Bassett drawing 16 all one one rink with the other rink having the decisive win of 25 – 6.


Bowls Wiltshire Domestic Finals Schedule

Bowls Wiltshire Domestic Finals Saturday’s Schedule

1 9.30am   BW Ladies County Unbadged Singles Semi Final (A) 11.00am  BW Ladies  County Benevolent Triples Semi Final (A)  12.30pm                BW Men Unbadged Singles Final
E Ambridge v S Crabbe L Perfitt v S Bartlett J Fail v T Pittuck
Trowbridge Westbourne Avon Westlecot Winsley (Purton) (Highworth)
White Red White Red White Red
2 9.30am   BW Ladies County Unbadged Singles Semi Final (B) 11.00am  BW Ladies  County Benevolent Triples Semi Final (B) 12.30pm                       BW Men’s Over 60 Triples
D Hitchcox v K Hussain J Willis v J Coleman A Moore v R Clews
Stratton Churchway Stratton Churchway Stratton Churchway Amesbury (Spencer Melksham) (Chippenham Town)
White Red White Red White Red
3 11.00am approx   BW Ladies County Unbadged Singles Final 1.30pm approx  BW Ladies  County Benevolent Triples Final
Semi Final A v Semi Final B Semi Final A v Semi Final B
White Red White Red
4 9.30am               BW Secretary & Treasurers 1.00pm
Purton v Mere v
White Red White Red
5 9.30pm                         Greenkeepers  12.00pm                    BW Men’s Tourist Trophy
D Betteridge v M Neale Royal Wootton Bassett v Salisbury
(Trowbridge Town) (Wilton)
White Red White Red
6 9.30am                  BW Men’s Champion of Champions  12.00pm                    BW Men’s Tourist Trophy
A Moore v T Pittuck Royal Wootton Bassett v Salisbury
(Spencer Melksham) (Swindon Town Gardens)
White Red White Red

Bowls Wiltshire Domestic Finals Sunday’s Schedule

1 9.30am              BW Ladies  County Top Ten Final 1.00pm
Purton v Amesbury v
White Red White Red
2 9.30am              BW Ladies  County Top Ten Final 1.00pm
Purton v Amesbury v
White Red White Red
3 9.30am              BW Ladies  County Top Ten Final 1.00pm
Purton v Amesbury v
White Red White Red
4 9.30am              BW Ladies  County Top Ten Final 12.30pm                     BW Officers Triples
Purton v Amesbury Highworth v Avon
White Red White Red
5 9.30am              BW Ladies  Over 70 Triples 12.30pm                       BW Mixed Double Rink
Chippenham Town v Box Purton v Box
White Red White Red
6 9.30am              BW Ladies Champion of Champions 12.30pm                       BW Mixed Double Rink
L Young v M Easton or Sue Cooke Purton v Box
White Red White Red

Mixed Pairs success for Chris & Josh

Chris Mitchell & Josh Fail from Purton BC today progressed to tomorrows Quarter Finals of the BE Mixed Pairs Competition at Leamington.

In their first round match they played Richard Weaving from Warwickshire beating them 24 – 3 before defeating Lisa Wolstenholme Surrey 28 – 9 in this afternoons second round.

Tomorrow morning they will be playing Ed Morris, Essex at 9.30am.

Another great day for Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell from Purton BC had another great day of bowls yesterday in this time in the Ladies 2 Wood reaching the semi-final. In her first round match against Victoria Symons from Northumberland she won 15 – 11 to set up a second round match against Jacqueline Devitt from Norfolk where she had a convincing 17 – 8 win. Chris’s quarter final match wasn’t so straight forward as she had to battle to a 16 – 15 victory after an extra end which set up a semi-final match against Katherine Hawes of Oxford City & County and although Chris was in the match all the way through she narrowly lost 14 – 11. Chris will be in action again on Thursday when she will be playing in the Mixed Pairs.

In other matches played yesterday Julie Jones of Purton lost her 2 Wood single match 15-10 against Sue Allen of Yorkshire whilst Pamela Lambshead from Mere BC won a close first round match against Lorna Efde from Buckinghamshire 21 – 20, Kyle Anderson from Royal Wootton Bassett had a tough first round match against England International Sam Tolchard losing 15 – 10 (Sam went on to win the title) and Wayne Snook from Holt won his Preliminary round match 16 – 9 against Michael Stone of Sussex before losing his second round match against Rodney Morrison from Surrey 14 – 11.

Early exit for Wiltshire Bowlers at the National Finals

At the National Finals played at Leamington today there was no success for Wiltshire Bowlers all losing in their first matches of the day.

In the Ladies Junior Singles Quarter Final Katy Smith could not carry on from yesterday when she was defeated by Lincolnshires Ruby Hill 21 – 10.

In the First Round of the Men’s Junior Pairs Adam Bolwell & Connor Rabey were beaten by Adam & Jamie Barker from Cambridgeshire 23 – 6 whilst in the second Round of the Men’s Over 55 Fours Malcom Clift, Dave Stevens, Malcolm Barker & Graham Archard lost to Luton’s David Whelan, David Taylor, David Frost and Eddie Swann 16 – 8.


A winning start for todays BW Competitors at the National Finals

National Pairs Champion Katy Smith from Westlecot was back in action at the BE National Finals this time playing in the Ladies Junior Singles. In her First Round game Katy beat Millie Tuck from Blandford Dorset 21 – 11 before going on to defeat Ellie Last from Felixstowe & Suffolk BC 21 – 11. Tomorrow morning at 9.30am Katy will take on Ruby Hill from Royal Mail Cart Lincolnshire.

Also in action today were Malcolm Clift, Dave Stevens, Malcolm Barker & Graham Archard, Holts BC in the First Round of the Men’s Senior Fours where they beat Paul Carress Royal Mail Cart Lincolnshire 19 – 18 setting up a second round match against David Whelan of Luton Town Bedfordshire tomorrow at 12.30pm.


No luck for BW Men in todays Fours

Both of the BW Men’s Fours teams were beaten tin their first match, in the Preliminary Round Chippenham Town Four skipped by Neil Connor lost 19 – 13 to David Forster’s Four from Workington BC whilst in their First Round match the Holt Four shipped by Ben Gadd were beaten 18 – 15 by Tom Muir’s Four of Harpenden BC.