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BW County Shirt Information

Following the successful sessions held at Wroughton BC on the 24th, at Salisbury BC on the 28th and Spencer Melksham on the 29th there still several of the regular Wiltshire players who have not ordered a new shirt. For information the cut is slightly more snug fitting than the previous shirts.

The cost of the new shirts is £10.00 if you swap in an “old” shirt – maximum of 2 swaps per person; additional shirts for 2018 cost £25.00 – thereafter who knows

As the final order needs to be sent in by the middle of next week 7th February to hit the manufacturing / delivery date in time for the outdoor season, please would all still to order send their requirements to Neil Gillespie at

Please note that Marcia is co-ordinating the orders for Amy Rose players.

We will not be ordering a large stock in reserve as in the past this has cost the county money with write-offs; In future the time from order to delivery is a minimum of 6 weeks and that’s without any Brexit issues!!

For those that have not seen the design please see attached artwork. H2170 Bowls Wiltshire the Moonrakers – 7

Best regards


Mike Jackson elected as Middleton Cup Manager

At the Bowls Wiltshire Men’s General Meeting held at Spencer Melksham BC yesterday, Mike Jackson of Westlecot BC, was elected as the Men’s Middleton Cup Manager, a post he will hold for the next four years.

Mike has vast experience of the Middleton Cup with over 130 appearances being the most by any man playing for Bowls Wiltshire.

We wish Mike all the best as the Middleton Cup Manager and hope he has much success in his new role.




BW Men beat Essex at Maidenhead Town BC

A great venue with excellent hosts and numerous Red Kites flying overhead

Bowls Wiltshire (Men) V Essex C.B.A.
Played at  Maidenhead Town B.C.             Date: 11/09/18
RINK      1 Dave Nunn Steve Hart
Alan Penfold John Fergie Junior
Mick Kilburn Stephen Hill
Bill Collier 18 18 Tim Mould
RINK      2 Bob George David Sageman
Harold Jones Eddie Kennedy
Graham Annetts Dave Griggs
Stewart Allison 21 18 Graham Smith
RINK      3 Peter Sanders Terry Mixen
Jack Peterson Alan Whale
Brian Merritt Graham Evans
Bob Fredericks 23 13 Dave Starkey
RINK      4 Tony Walford Ken Spicer
Denis May Ernie Pascoe
Paul Pope Dennis Mills
Colin Easton 22 15 David Jarrold
RINK      5 Dave Edmonds Peter Barham
Del Smith Harry Tod
Richard Gardiner Tony Lindfield
Alan Small 27 39 Keith Riley
RINK      6 Barry Folland David Johnson
Phil Collier Keith Thompson
Gery Tinson Brian Bearman
Gerald Webb 21 17 Frank Abbott
RESULT 132 V 120
A very enjoyable afternoon, played in good spirits and excellent hosts
Issued on behalf of the President