Mens County Champion of Champions – Main Draw

Men’s County Champion of Champions – Holder – A Moore (Spencer Melksham)
Controller – Pete Riches (Tel 01722 324793 or 07909 507573) – (email email hidden; JavaScript is required)
Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi Final
Date: Play by Sun 19th June Date: Play by Sun 17th July Date: Play by Sun 14th August Date: Sat 3rd September
 M Tyler (Amesbury) (13)  M Blunsden (Wanborough) (0)  D Rose (Holt) (17)  K Anderson (Royal Wootton Bassett)
 M Blunsden (Wanborough) (21)
 A Rice-Smith (Malmesbury) (11)  D Rose (Holt) (21)
 D Rose (Holt) (21)
 R Evans (Corsham) (19)  N Patterson (Marlborough) (14)  K Anderson (Royal Wootton Bassett) (21)
 N Patterson (Marlborough) (21)
 K Anderson (Royal Wootton Bassett) (21)  K Anderson (Royal Wootton Bassett) (21)
 P Bent (North Wilts) (11)
 M Crane (Wilton) (15)  P Beazer (Chippenham Town) (15)  T Pittuck (Highworth) (21)  T Pittuck (Highworth)
 P Beazer (Chippenham Town) (21)
 J Kemble-Young (Supermarine)  T Pittuck (Highworth) (21)
 T Pittuck (Highworth) (w/o)
 R Norman (Devizes) (9)  P Rigby (Broughton Gifford) (21)  P Rigby (Broughton Gifford) (11)
 P Rigby (Broughton Gifford) (22)
 D Macey (Warminster) (21)  D Macey (Warminster) (19)
 C Baker (Purton) (17)
 S Edwards (Westlecot) (21)  S Edwards (Westlecot) (21)  S Edwards (Westlecot)
 B Andrews (Pewsey Vale) (7)
 A Moore (Spencer Melksham) (21)  A Moore (Spencer Melksham) (18)
 D Johns (Calne) (9)
 M Byron (Box) (w/o)  K Hutchens (Chippenham Park) (21)  K Hutchens (Chippenham Park)
 K Hutchens (Chippenham Park)
 J Slip (Swindon) (9)  R Francis (Spencer Moulton) (16)
R Francis (Spencer Moulton) (21)
 J Crowder (Avon) w/o   J Crowder (Avon) (21)  J Crowder (Avon) (13)  R Sawyer (Rodbourne Cheney)
 D Colgrave (Downton)
 D Hall (Trowbridge Town)  D Hall (Trowbridge Town) (9)
 R Sawyer (Rodbourne Cheney)  R Sawyer (Rodbourne Cheney) (21)  R Sawyer (Rodbourne Cheney) (21)
 F Boynton (Salisbury)  F Boynton (Salisbury) (14)