Mens National 2 Woods – Area 4


Men’s National 2 Wood – Area 4 – Holder – N Smith (Royal Wootton Bassett)
Controller – Peter Riches – (tel 01722 324793) – (email
Round 1 Round 2 Qualifiers for Last 16
Date: Play by Sunday 3rd June Date: Play by Sunday 17th June Date: Play by Sunday 1st July
 C Burrows (Wilton)   B Hatton (Amesbury)  M Crane (Wilton) away to J Davis (Holt)
 B Hatton (Amesbury)
 M Crane (Wilton)  M Crane (Wilton)
 J Moody (Salisbury)
 J Heenan (Salisbury)   J Heenan (Salisbury)  T Warner (Salisbury) away to G Hatherall (Royal Wootton Bassett)
 M Crook (Amesbury)
 N Gould (Amesbury) T Warner (Salisbury)
 T Warner (Salisbury)
 N Revell (Salisbury)   N Revell (Salisbury)  N Revell (Salisbury) away to J Thomas (Westlecot)
 G House (Salisbury)
 J Reynolds (Salisbury)  J Reynolds (Salisbury)