Mens National Fours – Area 3

Men’s National Fours – Area 3 – Holders – P Kistle, J Webster, B Choules & M Titcombe (Westlecot)
Controller – Maurice Byron – (tel 07787 880006) – (email email hidden; JavaScript is required)
Round 1 Round 2 Qualifiers for Last 16
Date: Friday 1st May Date: Monday 4th May Date: Monday 11th May
 C Easton (Avon)  3A home to 3E
 D Holland (Avon)
 C Poole (Holt)
 A Maslen (Winsley)
 J Cook (Devizes)  3B home to 1F
 D Betteridge (Trowbridge Town)
 R Francis (Spencer Moulton)
 W Snook (Holt)
 G Fippen (Spencer Moulton)  3C home to 1D
 M Clift (Holt)
 S Topp (Broughton Gifford)  S Topp (Broughton Gifford)
 J Davis (Holt)  J Davis (Holt)  3D away to 2A
 M Thompson (Devizes)  M Thompson (Devizes)
 A Moore (Spencer Melksham)  A Moore (Spencer Melksham)  3E away to 3A
 M Byron (Box)  M Byron (Box)