Mens National Pairs – Area 2


Men’s Nation Pairs – Area 2 – Holders P Kistle & J Richman (Westlecot)
Controller – Keith Hutchens – (tel 01249 652489 ) – (email
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Qualifiers for Last 16
Date: Monday 10th June Date: Friday 14th June Date: Monday 17th June Date: Friday 21st June
 N Tucker (Chippenham Town)  N Tucker (Chippenham Town)  J Haselton (Chippenham Town)  D Williams (Chippenham Town) away to M Snell (RWB)
 S Heseltine (Chippenham Town)
 B Gingell (Chippenham Park)  J Haselton (Chippenham Town)
 J Haselton (Chippenham Town)
 A Greenland (Chippenham Park)  A Greenland (Chippenham Park)  D Williams (Chippenham Town)
 R Ford (Marlborough)
 D Williams (Chippenham Town)  D Williams (Chippenham Town)
 R Clews (Chippenham Town)
 D Squire (Malmesbury)  R Pope (Malmesbury)  R Wilcox (Malmesbury)  E Cairns (Chippenham Park) home to R Francis (Spencer Moulton)
 R Pope (Malmesbury)
 R Wilcox (Malmesbury)  R Wilcox (Malmesbury)
 I James (Marlborough)
 E Cairns (Chippenham Park)  E Cairns (Chippenham Park)  E Cairns (Chippenham Park)
 M Clark (Chippenham Town)  M Clark (Chippenham Town)
 K Hutchens (Chippenham Park)  K Hutchens (Chippenham Park)  K Hutchens (Chippenham Park)  K Hutchens (Chippenham Park) home to P Kistle (Westlecot)
 P MacDonald (Chippenham Town)  P MacDonald (Chippenham Town)
 D Johns (Calne)  D Johns (Calne)  D Johns (Calne)
 A Roberts (Chippenham Park)  A Roberts (Chippenham Park)