Mens National Pairs – Area 4

Men’s National Pairs – Area 4 – Holders G House & N Revell (Salisbury)
Controller – Pete Riches – (tel 07909 507573) – (email email hidden; JavaScript is required)
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Qualifiers for Last 16
Date: Monday 7th June Date: Friday 11th June Date: Monday 14th June Date: Friday 18th June
 G House (Salisbury)  G House (Salisbury)  G House (Salisbury)  G House (Salisbury) away to C James (Bradford on Avon)
 A Waters (Downton)
 M Crook (Amesbury)  M Crook (Amesbury)
 J Ford (Amesbury)
 N Gould (Amesbury)  G Toomer (Wilton)  G Toomer (Wilton)
 G Toomer (Wilton)
 M Mundy (Pewsey Vale)  M Mundy (Pewsey Vale)
 J Heenan (Salisbury)
 J Hurle (Salisbury)  J Hurle (Salisbury)  J Hurle (Salisbury)  J Reynolds (Salisbury) away to P Kistle (Westlecot)
 R Armstrong (Salisbury)  R Armstrong (Salisbury)
 M Hallam (Downton)  M Hallam (Downton)  J Reynolds (Salisbury)
 J Reynolds (Salisbury)  J Reynolds (Salisbury)
 T Warner (Salisbury)  T Warner (Salisbury)  T Warner (Salisbury)  T Warner (Salisbury) home to G Shadwell (Spencer Moulton)
 S Mitchell (Amesbury)  S Mitchell (Amesbury)
 G Annetts (Salisbury)  G Annetts (Salisbury)  J Vincent (Salisbury)
 J Vincent (Salisbury)  J Vincent (Salisbury)