National Honours

1933 E. P. Holmes, (Salisbury) Semi-Finalist
1938 A. Avery, (Swindon G.W.R) Semi-Finalist
1947 G. Poppitt, (Swindon North End) Semi-Finalist
1961 Mrs E. Ferry, (Stratton Churchway) Finalist
1973 H. Scriven, (Salisbury Electricity) Semi-Finalist
1984 Mrs O. Henery, (Westlecot) Winner
1996 G. Hatherall, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalist
2008 M. Richards, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalist
2009 Mrs J. Hardie, (Box) Semi-Finalist
2011 M. Biggs, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalist
2016 D. Godwin, (Royal Wootton Bassett) Semi-Finalist
1924 A.E. Harris, R. Uncles, (Bradford-on-Avon) Finalists
1929 B.S Case, E.J. Case, (Salisbury) Finalists
1936 C.F. Davis, E.P. Holmes, (Salisbury) Semi-Finalists
1946 C. Daniel, R. Cooper, (Swindon) Finalists
1946 H. Naish, W. Sharpe, (Avon Sports) Semi-Finalists
1947 E.E. Jenkins, E. Pullin, (Westinghouse) Finalists
1949 Mrs G. Holmes, Mrs W. Winslow, (Salisbury) Winners
1954 G.W. Chapman, W.T. Clements, (Trowbridge Town) Finalists
1954 Mrs G. Holmes, Mrs W. Winslow, (Salisbury) Winners
1956 & 1957 E.G. Pullin, A.Pullin, (Chippenham Town) Finalists
1962 Mrs M. Perrett, Mrs B. Blagdon, (Devizes) Semi-Finalists
1995 M. Biggs, S.J. Warren, (Westlecot) Winners
1998 Mrs W. Anderson, Mrs D. Woodley, (Rodbourne Cheney) Semi-Finalists
2004 P. MacDonald, G. Shadwell, (Spencer Moulton) Semi-Finalists
2013 A. Jacobs, S. Cooke (Box) Semi-Finalists
1951 T. Lewis, R.J. Smith, A. Coles, (Garrards) Semi-Finalists
1956 A. Barmett, W. Winchcombe, G. Poppitt, (North End) Finalists
1966 G. Allden, J. Sanders, C. Stroud, (Trowbridge Westbourne) Semi-Finalists
1973 Mrs M. Perrett, Mrs M. Parry, Mrs R. Gardiner, (Devizes) Finalists
1978 H. Cook, R. Burchell, J. Cook, (Devizes) Semi-Finalists
1979 G. Coombes, G. Higgs, R. Sherman, (Bradford-on-Avon) Semi-Finalists
1989 K. Norman, A. Jackson, H. Bowen, (Swindon) Finalists
1994 Mrs C. Read, Mrs W. Anderson, Mrs D. Woodley, (Penhill) Semi-Finalists
1996 Mrs J. Woodrough, Mrs A. Hayward, Mrs O. Henery, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalists
1997 L. Cousins, R. Tanner, K. Cousins, (Downton) Semi-Finalists
2003 M. Biggs, N. Hope, M. Dyer, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalists
2005 Mrs D. Shadwell, Mrs L. Toms, Mrs M. Williams, (Cooper Avon Tyres) Semi-Finalists
2005 M. Biggs, N. Hope, M. Dyer, (Westlecot) Winners
2008 T. Walkley, H. Bowen, D. Snell, (Wootton Bassett) Semi-Finalists
2011 Miss K.Funnell, Mrs J. Collier, Mrs C. Grenfell (Box) Semi-Finalists
2012 J. Nobbs, N. Smith, G. Morphet (Wootton Bassett) Finalists
2014 G. Shadwell, R. Francis, A. Colebrook (Spencer Moulton) Winners
1955 G. King, J. Day, A. Boulter, C.R Waite, (Wootton Bassett) Winners
1955 C. Bull, A. Barnett, W. Winchcombe, G. Poppitt, (North End) Semi-Finalists
1969 Mrs B. Blagdon, Mrs M. Gaiger, Mrs A. Cook, Mrs M. Perrett, (Devizes) Semi-Finalists
1975 Mrs J. Cooper, Mrs G. Budd, Mrs D. Carey, Mrs R. Gardiner, (Devizes) Semi-Finalists
1989 M. Carpenter, C. Dean, I. Jefferies, S. Cornish, (Rodbourne Cheney) Semi-Finalists
1991 Mrs E. Jones, Mrs D. Otridge, Mrs M. Alexander, Mrs J. Cooper, (Devizes) Semi-Finalists
1991 N. Remington, I. Cameron, S. Remington, A. Moore, (Spencer Melksham) Finalists
1997 M. Dyer, A. Stevenson, M. Biggs, S. Warren, (Westlecot) Winners
1986 Middleton Cup Winners
Rink 1 G. Coombes, B. Fernandes, J. Aylward, C. Exton
Rink 2 R. Buckland, J. Williamson, H. Tout, M. Biggs
Rink 3 N. Connor, S. Cornish, J. Sanders, J. Squires
Rink 4 M. Poulton, J. Grainger, R. Frazer, A. Pullin
Rink 5 G. Thomas, R. George, D. Shipp, G. Whale
Rink 6 M. Jackson, P. Davis, A. Moore, H. Pryse
Reserves S. Moore, D. Snell, G. Gladman, K. Hutchens
2012 Middleton Cup Runners-Up
Rink 1 N. Revell, C. Cheesley, W. Snook, M. Snell
Rink 2 P. Stokes, K. Bailey, I. Jefferies, M. Jackson
Rink 3 B. Sictorness, J. Nobbs, P. MacDonald, S. Snell
Rink 4 W. Simmonds, M. Richards, D. Godwin, R. Francis
Rink 5 K. Embling, T. Walkley, G. Morphet, N. Smith
Rink 6 P. Kistle, J. Titcombe, G. Hatherall, M. Biggs
Reserves K. Carter, G. Jackson, T. Skull
1995 Johns Trophy Winners
Rink 1 L. Greenland, M. Humphries, J. Bowker-Praed, J. Tugwell
Rink 2 J. Price, G. Johnson, P. Coard, M. Alexander
Rink 3 J. Woodrough, J. Willis, A. Hayward, O. Henery
Rink 4 C. Painter, V. Mortimer, A. Paginton, J. Comley
Rink 5 J. Bird, J. Lloyd, W. Anderson, D. Woodley
Rink 6 L. Green, A. Whatley, C. Bartlett, J. Cooper
1976 National Club Two Fours Winners – Malmesbury B.C
Rink 1 N. Reynolds, C. Purbrick, M. Trimble, C. Exton
Rink 2 D. Mearns, J. Wood, P. McLoughlin, J. Aylward
Rink 1 G. Jackson, J. Cottle, T. Walkley, M. Richards
Rink 2 K. Anderson, P. Stokes, N. Revell, W. Snook
Rink 1 T.Warner, P. Stokes, N. Revell, T Walkley
Rink 2 G. Jackson, C. Hatherall, W. Snook, M. Richards
Under 25 Singles
1994 G. Shadwell, (Trowbridge Westbourne) Semi-Finalist
1995 K. Cousins, (Downton) Semi-Finalist
1999 G. Shadwell, (Cooper Avon Tyres) Winner
2001 R. Francis, (Spencer Moulton) Finalist
2009 N. Revell, (Alderbury) Semi-Finalist
LADIES 2 Wood Singles
1962 Mrs W. Winslow, (Salisbury) Finalist
1971 Mrs D. Smith, (Devizes) Finalist
1981 Mrs I. Evens, (Trowbridge Westbourne) Semi-Finalist
1992 Mrs J. Woodrough, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalist
2002 Mrs J. Hardie, (Westinghouse) Winner
2009 Mrs A. Jacobs, (Box) Semi-Finalist
Champion of Champions Singles
1993 B. Fernandes, (Swindon) Finalist
1998 N. Smith, (Swindon) Semi-Finalist
2005 D. Snell, (Wootton Bassett) Semi-Finalist
Inter County Top Four
1998 M. Dyer, A. Stevenson, M. Biggs, S. Warren, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalists
Men’s Top Club
2003 Westlecot – Finalists
2007 Westlecot – Finalists
2016 Royal Wootton Bassett – Finalists
2000 Salisbury – Semi-Finalists
2010 Box – Semi-Finalists
British Isles Championships
1996 M. Biggs, S. Warren, (Westlecot) Pairs Finalists
1996 Ms K. Hindley, (Wilton) Junior Singles Winner
1998 M. Dyer, A. Stevenson, M. Biggs, S. Warren, (Westlecot) Fours Finalists
2006 M. Biggs, N. Hope, M. Dyer, (Westlecot) Triples Semi-Finalists
SAGA Over 60
1981 H. Clarke, (Westinghouse) Singles Winner
1981 H. Clarke, P. King, (Westinghouse) Pairs Finalists
1986 P. King, (Westinghouse) Singles Finalist
SAGA Over 55
1988 B. Thompson, C. Exton, (Malmesbury) Pairs Finalists
1989 B. Fernandes, (Swindon) Singles Finalist
1996 A. Harris, J. Swinburne, (Winsley) Pairs Semi-Finalists
Mixed Fours
2000 S. Corbett, Mrs J. Corbett, Ms S. Gravell, L. Sullivan, (Town Gardens) Finalists
2004 Mrs M. Manning, Mrs C. Grenfell, N. Grenfell, (Box) with C. Doughty, (Bath B.C) Winners
2005 Mrs L. Braddon, Mrs J. Collier, M. Braddon, I. Collier, (Box) Semi-Finalists
2007 K. Lloyd, (North Wilts), D. Shadwell, (Cooper Avon Tyres), K. Hutchens, (Westinghouse), G. Shadwell, (Spencer Moulton) Winners
2011 Mrs Y. Savin, Mrs D. Godwin, D. Godwin, P. MacDonald (Chippenham Town) Semi-Finalists
2012 Mrs D. Shadwell, Mrs K. Smith (Spencer Moulton), I. Jefferies (Westlecot), K. Bailey (Holt), Semi-Finalists
2014 Mrs C.Grenfell, N. Grenfell, Mrs J. Hardie (Box) G. Shadwell (Spencer Moulton) Finalists
2016 L Smith, K. Smith, N.Smith, M. Biggs (Royal Wootton Bassett) Semi Finalists
Mixed Pairs
2010 Mrs D. Shadwell, (Avon), G. Shadwell, (Spencer Moulton), Winners
2011 Mrs D. Shadwell, (Avon), G. Shadwell, (Spencer Moulton), Finalists
2012 Mrs D. Shadwell, G. Shadwell (Spencer Moulton), Winners
Mother and Daughter Pairs
1999 Mrs J. Selbie, Mrs A. Jacobs, (Box) Finalists
55’s and Over Pairs
1990 R. Jackson, B. Fernandes, (Swindon) Winners
1996 Mrs W. Anderson, Mrs D. Woodley, (Penhill) Winners
1998 Mrs J. Lloyd, (Purton), Mrs D. Woodley, (Rodbourne Cheney) Semi-Finalists
2003 R. Clews, D. Snell, (Wootton Bassett) Finalists
2009 Mrs W. Anderson, (Stratton Churchway), Mrs J. Hardie, (Box) Semi-Finalists
2013 D. Snell, (Wootton Bassett) M. Biggs & P. Sloman (Westlecot) Winners (sub played in the Final)
2015 D. Snell, (Wootton Bassett), M. Biggs  (Westlecot) Winners
55’s and Over Singles
1992 Mrs J. Woodrough (Westlecot) Finalist
1997 C. Haydon (Westlecot) Winner
2000 B. Fernandes, (Swindon) Winner
2002 B. Fernandes, (Swindon) Winner
2004 Mrs W. Anderson, (Rodbourne Cheney) Finalist
2005 Mrs W. Anderson, (Rodbourne Cheney) Winner
2007 Mrs J. Hardie, (Box) Winner
2014 Mrs A. Jacobs (Box) D. Snell (Wootton Bassett) Winners
2015 Mrs A. Jacobs (Box) Winner
Benevolent Triples
1994 Mrs J. Woodrough, Mrs A. Hayward, Mrs O. Henery, (Westlecot) Third
1995 Mrs J. Stevens, Mrs P. Knox, Mrs B. Thomas, (Westlecot) Winners
1999 Mrs J. Bird, Mrs C. Bartlett, Mrs J. Lloyd, (Purton) Winners
2005 Mrs J. Corbett, Mrs R. Gravell, Mrs J. Bright, (Town Gardens) Runners-Up
Patrons Day
1979 Mrs M. Sanderson, (Westlecot) Winner
1982 Mrs K. Potter, (Devizes) Winner
1983 Mrs J. Cooper, (Devizes) Winner
Secretaries & Treasurers
1993 Mrs M. Moss, (Highworth) Semi-Finalist
1994 Mrs J. Woodrough, (Westlecot) Semi-Finalist
Under 16’s Singles
1988 G. Shadwell, (Trowbridge Westbourne) Finalist
Under 18’s Singles
1993 G. Shadwell, (Trowbridge Westbourne) Winner
Bowls England Young Bowler of the Year Award
2002 N. Hope, (Westlecot)
Bowls England National Family Pairs
2013 Craig Hatherall, Graham Hatherall (Westlecot) Runners-Up
2016 Craig Morphet, Gary Morphet (Royal Wootton Bassett) Winners