Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Oxfordshire Result

On Tuesday BWL hosted Warwickshire Ladies at Highworth BC. The weather was lovely and a nice day was had by all despite the scoreline with BWL narrowly losing 113-106 with the rinks tied at 3 apiece.


R Corke/T Jarrett/J Taylor/M Woolley vs M Darta lost 15-28

J Corbett/L Russell/J Bull/B Salter vs C Penson won 20-15

D Edwards/G Truman/B Lilley/M Annetts vs D Jacob won 26-13

B Smith/L Trattles/M Kilburn/F Mace vs S Crick won 22-14

A R-Phare/M Jones/P Jones/D Godwin vs J Berry lost 15-18

M Webber/N Oliver/M Alexander/E Oliver vs C Gaskins lost 8-25

Mens Fours Last 8

On Tuesday 30 May the Men’s Fours Quarter Finals will take place at Westlecot to decide which four teams will contest the semi finals on Sunday 18 June to book their place at Leamington Spa in August. Please come on down and give your support.


In the top half of the draw in their bid to become Wiltshire A are:

A battle of the young ones in A Bolwell from Spencer Moulton vs B Gadd from Holt

A tough match between D Holland from Avon vs C Fernandes from Swindon


In the bottom half of the draw and trying to book their place as Wiltshire B are:

An all RWB affair with M Biggs from Royal Wootton Bassett vs Gary Morphet also from Royal Wootton Bassett

Battle of the Chippenhams with K Hutchens from Chippenham Park vs N Connor from Chippenham Town

Ladies Triples Last 8

On Saturday 27 May the Ladies Triples Quarter Finals and Semi Finals will take place at Chippenham Town to decide which two teams represent BW at Leamington Spa in August. Please come on down and give your support.


In the top half of the draw in their bid to become Wiltshire A are:

Karen Funnell, Jean Collier and Carol Grenfell from Box

Chris Mitchell, Julie Jones and Alison Fail from Purton

Barbara Shepheard, Jan Bodin and Viv Baskerville from Chippenham Town

Glenda Hibberd, Dawn Toomer and Cathy Burrows from Wilton


In the bottom half of the draw and trying to book their place as Wiltshire B are:

Joan Long, Heather Pope and Marlene Aylward from Malmesbury

Debbie Shadwell, Sue Cooke and Alex Jacobs from Box

Jayne Croston, Carol Coombes and Linda Whittingham from Westlecot

Di Kerley, Sandy Hall and Margaret Annetts from Salisbury

Amy Rose Friendly vs Oxfordshire Result

Today the Amy Rose team travelled to South Oxford BC today for a friendly match against Oxfordshire.

This morning the girls played a top club style format and came out 3-2 victors in the morning session after a win in one of the singles, the pairs and the triples.

In the afternoon the girls played a double rink format and won both rinks comfortably to give the Wiltshire girls an overall 5-2 win for the day.

Singles (2 Wood and 4 Wood): Lucy and Katy Smith

Pairs: Joanna Hicks and Louise Rose

Triples: 3 girls from Berkshire

Fours: Emily Jacob, Kerry Hatherall, Rachel Martin and Charlie Godwin

Team Photo

Middleton Cup vs Devon

The below players have been selected to represent Wiltshire in the first Middleton Cup match vs Devon on Saturday 3rd June at Royal Wootton Bassett. All players to report by 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start.

Neil has asked that for the team get together at RWB next Sunday (28th) that all listed players and named reserves to attend for a two hour practice at 10am (Neil is aware that some players are unavailable for this). The Balcomb team vs Worcestershire on 11th June 10am at RWB will be released after the Devon match.

If unable to play or any other problems please contact Neil Smith on 07747 755860.

Rink 1

Tom Warner Amesbury
Jamie Titcombe Westlecot
Gary Morphet Royal Wootton Bassett
Mel Biggs Royal Wootton Bassett

Rink 2

Wayne Simmonds Holt
Craig Hatherall Westlecot
Wayne Snook Holt
Ben Gadd Holt

Rink 3

Gary Jackson Westlecot
Mike Jackson Westlecot
Graham Hatherall Westlecot
Graham Shadwell Spencer Moulton

Rink 4

Craig H Doughty Holt
Colin Easton Avon
Steve Snell Royal Wootton Bassett
Justin Davis Holt

Rink 5

James Richman Westlecot
Chris Cheesley Royal Wootton Bassett
Dave Godwin Royal Wootton Bassett
Russell Francis Spencer Moulton

Rink 6

Mike Richards Westlecot
Mike Titcombe Westlecot
Ian Jefferies Westlecot
Neil Smith Royal Wootton Bassett

Reserves to attend

Craig Morphet Royal Wootton Bassett
Tom Pittuck Swindon Town Gardens
Fraser Boynton Salisbury
Barry Sictorness Royal Wootton Bassett
Kyle Anderson Royal Wootton Bassett

White Rose Trophy vs Worcestershire Result

Match report from Adam Tanner of the Under 25 County Double Rink competition vs Worcestershire played at Royal Wootton Bassett this morning:
I’m very pleased to report another strong win, 53-33, this time against a Worcestershire team which finished as national runners up in 2014 (and beat Wiltshire en route).
Craig Morphet’s rink had a tough draw against England U25 back ender Luke Lane, but put themselves 8-0 up after just 2 ends with some excellent early bowling. They went on to win 23-19 after 19 ends.
Mike Titcombe’s rink managed an excellent 30-14 win. Although they dropped a 6 on the 12th end, they immediately scored a 5 in response, and that was the only time all day that they dropped more than a single shot on an end. Scorecards and a team photo are below.
Once again, the character and spirit throughout the team was excellent. Thanks to everyone who was there to support us.
After 5 consecutive weekends of U25 bowling, we now have a breather, which has been well earned. On Sunday 18 June we will play the regional finals at Bristol BC. If we win in the morning, we will play again in the afternoon for a place in the National Semi-Final in Leamington. Opponents are yet to be confirmed. I will be in touch well in advance to let you know the draw and our chosen team.
Rink scores:
Jamie Shadwell/Chris Poole/Ben Choules/Craig Morphet beat Luke Lane 23-19
James Richman/Jordan Moody/Craig Hatherall/Mike Titcombe beat Glenn Weaver 30-14

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies National Fours Qualifiers

Yesterday we saw the Area quarter finals and semi finals of the National Ladies Fours take place at Royal Wootton Bassett to determine the two teams to represent Bowls Wiltshire at the National Finals at Leamington Spa in August.

The morning saw one close game in which Alison Fail’s rink beat Janice Bull’s rink 15-12 to book their place in that afternoon’s semi finals. The other quarter finals were somewhat more one-sided with Bab Salter’s rink beating Marion Davis 30-24, Janice Rowe’s rink beating Linda Whittingham 23-8 and Alex Jacobs’ rink beating Barbara Land 26-12.

The afternoon’s semi finals saw two very different games – the first was a closely fought contest in which Babs Salter’s quartet came out winners 19-18 against Alison Fail’s four on an extra end. Unfortunately the other semi final was a little more one-sided with Alex Jacob’s four running out convincing winners 28-6 against Janice Rowe’s four.

Wiltshire A – Alex Jacobs & Co (Box)

Wiltshire B – Babs Salter & Co (Wroughton)

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Warwickshire Result

On Thursday BWL travelled to Wellesbourne BC to play Warwickshire Ladies. A nice day was had by all despite scoreline with BWL losing 126-79 and having no winning rinks:

J Corbett/M Alexander/J Bull/M Annetts vs E Taylor lost 13-16

D Edwards/C Francis/B Lilley/B Salter vs S Hornsky lost 16-21

B Smith/J Chandler/V Baskerville/P Jones vs J Corn lost 15-20

M Cooke/J Lewis/S Garlick/S Bartlett vs P Bax lost 10-28

J Taylor/J Hoskins/J Collier/R Fitzpatrick vs M Edwards lost 13-22

G Hibberd/M Jones/M Kilburn/T Jarrett vs M Tims lost 12-19

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies v Cornwall Result

On Tuesday BWL travelled to Tiverton BC to play Cornwall Ladies. A nice day was had by all despite the torrential showers that occured throughout the day! BWL ran out the eventual winners with a score line of 102 shots to 90 and BWL won on 4 out of the 6 rinks. Rink scores as below:

J Coyle/J Corbett/J Bull/M Annetts vs M Chapman won 16-15

C Francis/E Oliver/J Collier/C Grenfell vs J Maunder lost 14-22

A R-Phare/V Baskerville/K Kirby/B Salter vs E Bray won 16-14

A Hindley/S Garlick/D Davis/J Willis vs J Rees lost 13-14

C Mitchell/G Hibberd/F Mace/A Fail vs S Coad won 20-15

J Hunt/B Lilley/M Woolley/R Fitzpatrick vs R Clegg won 23-10