Clubs, County Associations and Bowls England are facing a period where there is the loss of regular
income whilst there are overheads and bills to be paid. Sport England and the Government has put in
place a number of initiatives to assist clubs and small companies during this period of uncertainty.
We wish to make you aware of the following opportunities that may apply to your club.


This aims to deliver immediate funding to those most in need and builds on the success of similar
previous funds such as Sport England’s Flood Relief Fund. Organisations can apply for grants between
£300 and £10,000. The types of organisations eligible include local clubs forced to close at short
notice but who are facing ongoing costs around maintenance and utility bills. A specific example
might be a grant to support a local club to pay costs for their facility when no activity is taking place.
A total of £20million is available. Sport England advises that it expects applicants to have exhausted
all other government funding sources before applying to this fund. Details at:‐we‐can‐help/our‐funds/community‐emergency‐fund


Information can be found at:‐to‐employers‐andbusinesses‐
Bowls England recommends you look at the following specific options:
There will be a Business Rates holiday for these sectors in England for the 2020‐2021 tax year. The
eligibility our clubs in this sector fall in is:
 Based in England
 Business is in the leisure sector
 Business wholly used for assembly and leisure
We understand there is no action to take as this will apply to your next Council Tax bill in April 2020.
The local authority may have to re‐issue your bill to exclude the Business Rates charge.


The Sport & Recreation Alliance (SRA) has advised that it understands additional rates relief will be
applied after any mandatory relief received, such as that applied to CASCs and charities. Therefore,
these organisations should benefit from the full 100 per cent rates relief. However, please note that
the guidance confirms that it is for local authorities to administer a local scheme and determine in
each individual case when to grant relief.


The BDA has advised that it has made a payment of £50 to those clubs who had applied for a Play
Bowls Package with planned open days in March/April. This payment will contribute towards any
costs already incurred in preparing for these events. The BDA will contact directly all clubs that have
applied for a Play Bowls Package for activity planned for May or June. The BDA will work with Bowls
England and the English Indoor Bowling Association regarding recruitment activity including open
days from July onwards, subject to Government guidance.


Bowls England provides a dedicated facility to enable affiliated clubs to search for potential grant
funding opportunities. You may conduct a personalised search at:


This grant provides businesses in these categories with a cash grant of up to £25,000 per property.
For businesses with a rateable value of under £15,000, they may receive a grant of up to £10,000 and
for businesses with a rateable value of between £15,001 and £51,000, they may receive a grant of up
to £25,000. The eligibility our clubs in this sector fall in is:
 Based in England
 Business is in the leisure sector
 Business wholly used for assembly and leisure
There is no action to take as your local authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant. If
you have any enquiries on eligibility for, or provision of, the grants you should go directly to your
local authority.

The Government will provide additional Small Business Grant Scheme funding for local authorities to
support small businesses that already pay little or no business rates because of the Small Business
Rate Relief (SBRR). This will provide a one‐off grant of up to £10,000 to eligible businesses to meet
their ongoing business costs. The eligibility our clubs in this sector fall in is:
 Based in England
 A small business and already receive SBRR
 You are a business that occupies property
There is no action to take as your local authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant. If
you have any enquiries on eligibility for, or provision of, the grants you should go directly to your
local authority.
Larger clubs may wish to consider these other areas of support:
 Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
 Deferring VAT and Income Tax payments (self‐employed)
 Business Interruption Loan Scheme
 HMRC’s Time to Pay Service

Finally, if your club has to make rental payments then we would advise, if you have not done so
already, that you start discussions with your landlord to see what assistance can be provided and for
how long any temporary arrangement can last. In the meantime, the Government has passed
legislation that means commercial tenants can’t be evicted if they miss a payment between March
and May 2020. Any missed payment will need to be paid in the future. Details can be found at:‐protection‐for‐businesses‐with‐ban‐on‐evictions‐forcommercial‐


As always, Bowls England is here to help clubs go through the process of any of the schemes. Please
do not hesitate to e‐mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any specific queries or need to find
your local authority. Also, we would appreciate hearing of any clubs who have successfully received a
grant in order that we can use this information to help the others within the bowling community.


The following websites may provide useful additional information to your club at this time:
National Governing Bodies ‐ Bowls
Bowls England:‐guidance
English Indoor Bowling Association:
Other Bowls Organisations
Bowls Development Alliance:
Coach Bowls:
Sporting Bodies
Club Matters:
Club Matters is Sport England’s one stop shop for clubs, groups and organisations involved in the
delivery of physical activity and sport. Club Matters provides free, convenient, practical resources to
help organisations to develop, grow and become more sustainable and successful.
Sport England:‐information‐sector
Government agency responsible for promotion of physical activity.
Sport & Recreation Alliance:‐19‐businesssupport‐
The Alliance is the umbrella body for sport and recreation in the UK and represents 320 members
including Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association.

Other Support

Business Support:‐business‐support
A full range of business support measures have been made available to UK businesses and employees.
This page helps businesses find out how to access the support that has been made available, who is
eligible, when the schemes open and how to apply.


 Following the recent announcement of the postponement of the 2020 World Bowls Championships,  I am delighted to now be able to provide you with the new dates for the event, which has now been rescheduled for 2021 as agreed with Host National Authority Bowls Australia following their consultation with all major stakeholders.

 The new dates for the event are as follows:

 Practice days – Saturday, May 22– Monday, May 24, 2021

Play Days – Tuesday May 25 – Sunday, June 6, 2021

Rest Day – Monday, May 31, 2021

 Over the forthcoming months all those Member National Authorities who had previously confirmed their participation in the disciplines in  the finalised field for these Championships will be requested to re-confirm their participation in the relevant disciplines and advise of any changes to their previously selected player(s) and playing positions. It is currently anticipated that deadlines for submission in these respects will follow similar timelines as before.

 We at World Bowls take this opportunity to thank Host National Authority Bowls Australia, key stakeholders and all concerned parties for all their efforts and cooperation in being able to reach agreement to these revised dates during what has been and continues to be  a very difficult and concerning time for us all.

 Gary Smith

World Bowls Chief Executive”

Announcement from Holt BC relating to Coronavirus

COVID-19 Update – Holt BC Announcement


As you are aware Bowls England has announced the cancellation of all its domestic events ahead of the 2020 bowls season in response to the latest Government advice and growing concerns from bowlers about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will impact on our much loved game.

Due to this, to counter the spread of coronavirus, Holt Bowls Club is closed with immediate effect. The management committee will review the situation on an on-going basis and will be following guidance from Bowls England and Bowls Wiltshire.

Unfortunately, this leaves the club without any income stream for the foreseeable future, so the Management team has taken immediate actions to reduce all expenditure.

As a club we are remaining positive and optimistic in the fight against Coronavirus and are anticipating that when safe, social distancing will be relaxed and we can enjoy some time on the green this summer.

We are planning to run our annual gala day triples tournament in August and will endeavour to make this a fantastic day for all who are interested in taking part. We are also planning to honour some of our club fixtures later in the season in the hope that this becomes a realistic possibility.

We are asking all current members to support the club financially through this difficult time and ensure that, as a club, we make it to our centenary year in 2021.

Finally we are encouraging all members and fellow bowlers to keep an eye out for each other especially those bowlers who may live on their own. A telephone call, e‐mail or Skype to our cowls community will, we are sure, be welcomed at this time.

Please stay well, look after yourselves and those around you and most importantly, be safe!

A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Bowls England

I am writing to you in what is arguably one of the toughest periods this generation has ever faced.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is a global pandemic that will challenge us all on a business, social and most importantly personal level.

Therefore, may I start by saying that I hope you are keeping safe and well. Now is the time to show our unity as a sport more than ever whilst ensuring that we all strictly follow the latest Government guidelines.

The effect this pandemic has already had cannot be underestimated and the likely consequences are at times difficult to comprehend. Clearly, the sport of bowls is not immune from this global situation.

Already, we have taken the unprecedented step to cancel all of our National Competitions and National Championships for the 2020 season, and of course the World Championships due to be played in Australia in May have been postponed indefinitely. We have also, understandably, been inundated with queries from our clubs who are seeking guidance at this uncertain time.

It is however important that we remain hopeful of brighter times ahead and work together ready for when we are able to return to the green. A key focus of work for the staff team in the coming weeks will be preparing material in support of clubs – more details will be circulated at the appropriate time.

Bowls England has had to adapt, but our aim is to conduct ‘business as usual’. The staff team has been working from home since last Monday, in accordance with the Government guidelines, and I have to thank everyone for taking it in their stride. The team is staying well engaged, making the best use of the technology available, and showing their support and encouragement for each other. The Board, myself included, is also embracing new ways of working to ensure we are fully informed and our first ‘video conference’ is arranged for next week.

Our Chief Executive, Tony Allcock OBE, officially retires on Tuesday 31st March, and it would be remiss of me not to thank him once more for all of his work over the years. Sadly, we were not able to say farewell in the manner that we all wished, but I am sure it will be a case of ‘au revoir’ and we shall see him around the greens in the future. Alistair Hollis and Penny Maguire are leading the staff team during the interim period ahead of the arrival of Jon Cockcroft on 1st June.

In looking to the future, we are committed to keeping all of our members informed and entertained during this period.  We have already produced a series of guidance documents and more will follow.  We are currently finalising a bowls specific on-line activity guide together with a series of interviews with members of the bowls community to keep us engaged.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team if we can help you during this period.

I feel sure that when we come out of the current situation we will return to a sport that will be better and stronger for us all.

Stay safe.

David Tucker


Bowls England

Coach Bowls FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions from Coach Bowls

1. With the current advice re: Coronavirus there is no possibility of candidates carrying out their
practical sessions in the foreseeable future and therefore I cannot complete my portfolio.
What should I do?
You should complete your theory parts of the portfolio as prescribed. If you are able to complete
these electronically you can then e‐mail across to your assessor. They will then be able to assess
and feedback electronically.
If you are not able to complete these electronically, you should:
a) Complete the paperwork
b) Scan the documents and e‐mail to the assessor
c) Post (if able) to your assessor ‐ ensuring the recipient does not have to sign for the
package, but that it is ‘tracked’

2. I have completed my first on green session and my portfolio is all but complete. Shall I send it
in for checking and just keep a copy of my second session to bring to the assessment day when
it happens?
Yes. As the above guidelines for Q1.

3. Our local clubs are not currently open. Will we get additional time to complete the coaching
Yes. Coach Bowls will not begin arranging assessment days until the situation across the
country has stabilised and it is deemed by the Government and Public Health England that it
is sensible to resume. In the meantime, you should complete the rest of your portfolio in line
with Q1.

4. Day one of my course has been postponed. When will it be rescheduled for?
Coach Bowls is unable to give exact dates for rearranged courses at this time. As soon as we
have been given further guidance we will let everyone know via our website initially. Once
exact dates are arranged, we will e‐mail all candidates directly.
Coronavirus_FAQs_001 (Issued: 25th March 2020)

5. What happens if I can’t make the date of a rearranged course?
You will be given the option to transfer to another course on a date that you can attend. If
for any reason this is not possible, the Coach Bowls Manager will liaise with you directly to
formulate an individual action plan that works for you.

6. How will I be able to attend an assessment day and when will I know they are?
Coach bowls will arrange assessment days with a geographic spread as soon as it is deemed
by the Government and Public Health England that it is sensible to resume. All candidates will
receive information directly from the Coach Bowls team.

7. Can I still go to my club and coach?
At the current time, the answer is an emphatic ‘no’. In accordance with Government
guidance – Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stop the Spread.

8. Is Coach Bowls still operational during the Coronavirus outbreak? If so, how do I contact a
member of the team?
Coach Bowls is currently working remotely. We are using this opportunity to review and refresh
some documents, update materials, improve the membership portal and website whilst
continuing to offer our normal service to all of our members.
To contact us, the office number remains in place (01926 334910). We have diverted this to a
remote handset.
You can also contact us via e‐mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Adam Durnin remains the main point of contact to the members and is overseeing the
membership portal, merchandise, website. Adam’s e‐mail is: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Amanda Scriven‐Purcell continues to oversee Coach Bowls operationally. Amanda is reviewing
and refreshing materials, documents, courses and modules. She will be working with the Tutors,
Assessors, Quality Assurance Team, Volunteer groups to ensure that support to coaches
currently undertaking qualifications is still available remotely. Amanda’s e‐mail is:
email hidden; JavaScript is required


Bowls England is committed to keeping our members fully informed, particularly during this period of isolation.

We will be issuing regular updates via our e-newsletter – to subscribe and receive all of the latest news straight to your inbox, simply visit the Bowls England website and add your email address to the relevant area at the bottom of the homepage.

We will shortly be launching our official Bowls England Podcast ‘The Extra End’, with Bowls International editor Sian Honnor chatting to our Chief Executive Tony Allcock OBE in episode one.

We are also in the process of providing a ‘Keep Fit’ guide advising all members of appropriate ways to stay healthy in the comfort of your own home.

Support will be provided for all clubs, as well as opportunities to enjoy your time at home with some bowls-related quizzes and some classic matches from yesteryear.

Message from the Bowls Wiltshire Chair

The Coronavirus epidemic has caused us all considerable worry and disruption in our lives, isolation is not something we have experienced before and the way we are having to cope with all these changes takes quite a lot of getting used to.

Please do take heed of Government advice and let us hope that circumstances will soon improve.

I would like to thank those who are keeping you well informed with all arrangements that have been made so far and we will ensure that any further updates will be forwarded on.

Many thanks to the two gender Presidential teams who have agreed to carry on with their roles in 2021.

My thoughts are with you all at this time, keep well and stay safe.

June Corbett