Presidents and Officers

A message from John Southern – Bowls Wiltshire Men’s County President 2017

It is a very great honour to be elected President of Bowls Wiltshire (Men) for 2017. I first started playing for the County seven years ago having been badgered into it by the late Colin Shepherd, who was also a member of Amesbury Bowls Club, and, looking back, I am very glad he did so as I have enjoyed playing in the County friendlies. I have Amesbury Bowls Club fully behind me and I know I can count on their support throughout my year, as they have supported Presidents in the past, both men and ladies. The club has been host to many events over the years and I know their hospitality is legendary.

Peter Sanders had very good support throughout his year and I am sure that all the players in the County will give me the same support. I would encourage more players to put their names forward for County friendly matches; you will find friendship and good bowling and have the chance to play at many varied venues.

Throughout my year I will be supporting the U25’s and Middleton Cup teams and I wish them every success, especially the Middleton Cup side who only lost out on shot average last year.

To all players representing the County in National Competitions, I wish you every success and look forward to seeing you at Royal Leamington Spa.

Being County President is not a one man band, I have a terrific team of administrators and Past Presidents behind me to guide me and I thank them all in advance for their help throughout the season.

I wish all players in Wiltshire a very enjoyable season for 2017, and look forward to meeting you all.

John Southern
President 2017


A message from Mo Woolley – Bowls Wiltshire Ladies County President 2017

It is a great honour and privilege to be Wiltshire Ladies’ President and I thank Alderbury for nominating me and offering to support me during my year in office. Without their help I would not be able to take on the position.

I would also like to thank the members of the Wiltshire Ladies’ committee who have helped and guided me during the last two years. I am sure I can rely on them for their continued support during my Presidential Year.

I joined the Alderbury Club in 1996. Like most of you, I’m sure, I wish I had started bowling sooner. It is a wonderful sport which provides so many opportunities. It can be competitive and social, and allows you to make many friends.

In my time at Alderbury I have held various positions of responsibility within the Club. I am sure the knowledge and experience I have gained with Alderbury will help me in the year ahead.

I wish all the ladies of Wiltshire good health, and good luck in any competitions you enter. I look forward to meeting many of you during the coming year and working with you for the benefit of our county.




Bowls Wiltshire Policy & Executive Officers
Chairperson Mrs June Corbett (Swindon Town Gardens B.C)
Administrator Vacant
Financial Controller Mr Neil Gillespie (Downton B.C)
Development Officer Mr Nigel Morgan (Haydon Wick B.C)
Match Secretary Mr Adie Lloyd (North Wilts B.C)
Bowls England Councillors Mr Graham Annetts (Salisbury B.C)
Mrs Kath Lloyd (North Wilts B.C)
Competitions Co-ordinator Mr Gerald Webb (Devizes B.C)
Press Officer Vacant
Bowls England Director Mr Howard Pryse (Swindon B.C)
Bowls England Independent Director Mr Adam Tanner (Royal Wootton Bassett B.C)
Bowls Wiltshire Membership Registrar Mr Richard Gardiner (Supermarine B.C)
Bowls Wiltshire County Coach Mr Nigel Morgan (Haydon Wick B.C)
Bowls Wiltshire Umpiring Co-ordinator Vacant
Sponsorship Co-ordinator Vacant
Position Mens Ladies

Mr John Southern

(Amesbury B.C)

Mrs Mo Woolley
(Alderbury B.C)
Senior Vice President



Mrs Dawn Edwards

(Avon B.C)

Junior Vice President Vacant

Mrs Ruth Gerrish

(Bradford on Avon BC)

Immediate Past President Mr Peter Sanders
(Spencer Melksham B.C)
 Mrs Pat Jonee
(Supermarine B.C)
Hon. Treasurer Mr Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C)

Mrs June Corbett

(Town Gardens B.C)

Hon. Secretary Mrs Babs Salter
(Wroughton B.C)
BW Men Administrator Mr Philip Wells
(Avon B.C)
Hon. Match Secretary Mr Adie Lloyd
(North Wilts B.C)
Mrs Mary L. Jones
(Devizes B.C)
Hon. Competition Co-ordinators

Vacant – contact Gerald Webb

(Devizes BC)

Mrs Janet Willis
(Stratton Churchway B.C)
Mrs Jean Collier
(Box B.C)
Middleton Cup Team Manager
Mr Neil Smith
(Royal Wootton Bassett B.C)
Under 25’s Team Manager
Mr Adam Tanner
(Royal Wootton Bassett B.C)
Middleton Cup Selection Committee
Mr Adam Tanner
(Wootton Bassett B.C)
Mr Keith Bailey
(Holt B.C)
Mr Keith Hutchens
(Chippenham Park B.C)
Johns Trophy Selection Committee
Mrs Marcia Cottle
(Spencer Melksham B.C)
Mrs Jill Webb
(Wroughton B.C)
Mrs Janet Seal
(Avon B.C)
Mrs Mary Jones
(Devizes B.C)
Honorary Life Members
1986 G.F. Pike 1993 L. Oatey
1995 C.J. Horsley 1996 D.G.D. Tucker
1997 D. Farmer 1998 B.G. Crabb
1999 J.S. Northover 2000 G. Henderson
2000 R.G. Jacobs 2001 A. Bryant
2001 W.H. Pryse 2002 F. Hinchliffe
2003 J. Wilks 2004 A.J. Watchman
2005 I. Cameron 2005 D. Francis
2006 J. Clay 2006 A. Woodland
2007 A. Lloyd 2008 M. Williams
2008 R. Jackson 2009 B. Wheeler
2010 R. Green 2011 M. Hallam
2012 C. Sheppard    
2013 BWL Past Presidents added    
1994 O. Henery  1995 R. Adlam
1996 J. Woodrough 1999 M. Alexander
2001 P.Sharp 2002 J. Webb
2003 M. Cottle 2004 S.Burgess
2005 M.L. Jones 2006 J. Willis
2007 A. Hindley 2008 S. Raymond
2009 J. Collier 2010 J. Coyle
2011 M. Buckle 2012 J. Corbett
BWLadies BW Men
2013 M. Annetts 2013 R. Jones
2014 No President 2014 D. Richards
2015 J.Little 2015 R. Gardiner