Presidents and Officers

A message from Don Butchers – Bowls Wiltshire Men’s County President 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with honour and humility that I accept the role of President for 2022 and I thank my wife Mary and my Club members for the support and help that they have given me over the past fifteen years that I have been bowling. In being your President I hope to be able to give something back to this wonderful sport, that we call bowls.

In following the likes of Dave Richards, Stewart Alison, Dave Williams and John Crowder and all my other predecessors, I have some very large shoes to fill; but with the support of many friends at both Club and County level I am sure that it will be a successful year. Like John Crowder I have a strong belief that with the help and support of all the Clubs in the county, Bowls can only go from strength to strength. To that end I would like to wish all those bowlers who make it to Leamington, all the best in their endeavours and every success in all their matches.

I started Bowling in 2004 at the Mere Short Mat Club that had started in the school gymnasium just to make the numbers up, after three weeks I was hooked! In 2006 the new outdoor green opened in Mere to replace the old two and a half rink green that the Club leased from Salisbury District Council. I joined the Club at that point and the rest, as they say, is history. I now have the honour of being the Club Secretary as well as the Secretary of the Wiltshire Bowls Coaches Association, so my year as your President is going to be a busy one.

I would like to wish Janice Rowe, the President of Bowls Wiltshire Ladies all the best and much success for the season, except of course when they play Bowls Wiltshire Men towards the end of the year when I plan for the Men to win by a narrow margin, one doesn’t want to rub it in.

May I finally end by wishing you all a very healthy time ahead of you and a wonderful game on the greens, wherever that may be.

Don Butchers

November 2021

A message from Janice Rowe – Bowls Wiltshire Ladies County President 2022

Well Ladies, what can I say, what an honour it is for me to become your President for the year 2022.

Hopefully the year will be back to normal as much as it can be, mind you not so sure I’ll be as there are some big shoes to fill from all the past Presidents but you know me, I will do my best.

I would like to thank Amesbury Bowls Club for all the support I believe they will give me throughout the coming year.

I am so looking forward to meeting all the new Ladies coming into the County games for the first time and not forgetting all the other Ladies.

I wish all in whatever and wherever you bowl every success whether it be Club, District, League and County games you have entered. Over the years I have found bowls is about having fun, meeting new people and enjoying whether we lose or win it is all about taking part. (praying it stays dry).

Please stay safe and I look forward to supporting, bowling and meeting new and old friends.

Have a great season for 2022.

Janice Rowe

November 2021


Bowls Wiltshire Executive Officers
Chairperson Mrs June Corbett (Wroughton B.C)
Administrator Mr Gerald Webb (Devizes B.C)
Financial Controller Mr Neil Gillespie (Downton B.C)
Development Officer Mr Nigel Morgan (Haydon Wick B.C)
Bowls England Councillors Mr Graham Annetts (Salisbury B.C)
Mrs Kath Lloyd (Chippenham Park B.C)
Competitions Co-ordinator Mr Stewart Allison (Chippenham Park B.C)
BW Ladies Representative Mrs Babs Salter (Wroughton B.C)
BW Men’s Representative Mr Philip Wells (Chippenham Park B.C)
Membership Registrar Mr Richard Gardiner (Superermarine B.C)
Bowls England Development Director (Ex Officio) Mr Adam Tanner (Royal Wootton Bassett B.C)
Bowls Wiltshire Non Executive Officers
Bowls Wiltshire County Coach Mr Nigel Morgan (Haydon Wick B.C)
Bowls Wiltshire Umpiring Co-ordinator Mr Steve Alway
Safeguarding Officer Mr Peter Harding (Amesbury B.C)
Disability Bowls Co-ordinator Mr Richard Ball (Stratton Churchway B.C)
Youth Administrator Mrs Sue Fletcher (Wroughton BC)
Sponsorship Co-ordinator Vacant
Bowls Wiltshire Gender Officers
Position Mens Ladies
President Mr Don Butchers

(Mere B.C)

Mrs Janice Rowe
(Amesbury B.C)
Senior Vice President Mr Dave Williams

(Chippenham Park B.C)

Mrs Sue Gravell

(Supermarine B.C)

Junior Vice President Mr Andy Watson

(Swindon B.C)

Mrs Bev Lilley

(Devizes BC)

Immediate Past President Mr John Crowder
(Avon B.C)
Mrs Babs Salter
(Wroughton B.C)
Hon. Treasurer Mr Stewart Allison

(Chippenham Park B.C)

Mrs June Corbett

(Wroughton B.C)

Hon. Secretary Mr Philip Wells

(Chippenham Park B.C)

Mrs Babs Salter
(Wroughton B.C)
Hon. Match Secretary Mr Dave Williams
(Chippenham Park B.C)
Mrs Mary L. Jones
(Devizes B.C)
Hon. Competition Co-ordinators Mr Gerald Webb

(Devizes BC) – National Competitions

Mr Dave Williams

(Chippenham Park) – County Competitions

Mrs Janet Willis
(Stratton Churchway B.C) North
Mrs Sheila Garlick(Devizes B.C) South
Middleton Cup Team Manager
Mr Mike Jackson
(Westlecot B.C)
Under 25’s Team Manager
Mr Mikey Titcombe
(Westlecot B.C)
Middleton Cup Selection Committee
Mr Dave Godwin (Royal Wootton Bassett B.C) Mr Keith Hutchens (Chippenham Park B.C) Mr Wayne Snook (Holt B.C) Mr Tom Warner (Salisbury B.C)
Johns Trophy Selection Committee
South – Mrs Mary Jones
(Devizes B.C)
South – Mrs Janice Rowe
(Amesbuty B.C)
 South Player – Mrs Ann Hindley

(Wilton B.C)

North – Mrs Sue Gravell

(Supermarine B.C)

North –


North Player – Mrs Alison Fail

(Purton B.C)

Amy Rose Manager
Mrs Bev Williamson

(Royal Wootton Bassett B.C)

National President
2014 Mr A Lloyd North Wilts  B.C
1984 Mrs G Budd Devizes B.C
1955 Mr H Slade OBE Garrard B.C


Past Presidents and Honorary Life Members
Bowls Wiltshire Ladies Club Bowls Wiltshire Men Club
2020/1 B Salter Wroughton J Crowder Avon
2019 R Gerrish Bradford on Avon D Williams Chippenham Park
2018 D Edwards Avon S Allison Chippenham Park
2017 M Woodley Alderbury J Southern Amesbury
2016 P Jones Supermarine P Sanders Spencer Melksham
2015 J Little Devizes R Gardiner Supermarine
2014 P Watson Calne D Richards Trowbridge Westbourne
2013 M Annetts Salisbury R Jones Trowbridge Town
2012 J Corbett Town Gardens C Sheppard Amesbury
2011 M Buckle Amesbury M Hallam Downton
2010 J Coyle North Wilts R Green Spencer Moulton
2009 J Collier Box B Wheeler Swindon
2008 S Raymond Chippenham Town M Williams Highworth
2007 A Hindley Wilton A Lloyd North Wilts
2006 J Willis Stratton Churchway J Clay Warminster
2005 M Jones Devizes D Francis Devizes
2004 S Burgess Pewsey Vale A Watchman Westinghouse
2003 M Cottle Spencer Melksham J Wilks Wootton Bassett
2002 J Webb Wroughton F Hinchcliffe Westlecot
2001 P Sharp Amesbury A Bryant Marlborough
2000  P Watson Calne G Henderson Calne
1999 M Alexander Devizes J Northover Chippenham Town
1998 R Woods Malmesbury B Crabb Malmesbury
1997 E Lacey Winsley D Farmer Bradford on Avon
1996 J Woodrough Westlecot D Tucker Devizes
1995 R Adlam Holt C Horsley Wilton
1994 O Henery Westlecot G Pike Salisbury
1993 M Nuttall Trowbridge Town L Oatey Avon
1992 M Moss Highworth H Gleeson Westlecot
1991 J Knight Trowbridge Westbourne J Cooper Devizes
1990 J Cooper Devizes B Rivers Stratton Churchway
1989 K Bane Rodbourne Cheney G Watson Bradford on Avon
1988 G Church Chippenham Town J Pickett Trowbridge Westbourne
1987 C Lopuszinski Devizes J Pickett Trowbridge Westbourne
1986 M Winn Westlecot E Hobday Swindon
1985 D Johnson Winsley A Dart Westlecot
1984 K Lewis Avon H Clarke Westinghouse
1983 M Hobday Swindon C Bratton Westlecot
1982 I Baker Chippenham Park J Benford Trowbridge Westbourne
1981 G Budd Devizes E Noble Devizes
1980 D Heath Rodbourne Cheney J Brewer Westlecot
1979 N Andrews Pewsey Vale A Pratt Salisbury
 1978 C Bridges Calne E Howard Chippenham Town
1977 E Buckland Stratton Churchway H Ebdon Box
1976 M Ripper Winsley P King Westinghouse
1975 R Gardiner Devizes T Beck Avon
1974 D Gleed Highworth G Gleed Highworth
1973 O Way Pewsey Vale W Ireland Devizes
1972 P Pickford Calne S Dann Chippenham Town
1971 D Richardson Rodbourne Cheney D Uncles Bradford on Avon
1970 M Bennett Chippenham Park W Fowler British Rail
1969 M Crook Rodbourne Cheney F Josling Wilton
1968 E Willis Swindon P Edwards Chippenham Town
1967 I Cooper Great Bedwyn C Hillier Alderbury
1966 B Jay Salisbury F Chapman Corsham
1965 L Godwin Rodbourne Cheney R Wensley Calne
1964 R Gardiner Devizes J Day Westlecot
1963 W Winslow Salisbury H Mortimer Holt
1962 L Spurge Rodbourne Cheney S Porter British Rail
1961 I Cooper Great Bedyn W Hudd Trowbridge Westbourne
1960 W Winslow Salisbury E Drew Highworth
1959 W White Rodbourne Cheney W Bird Amesbury
1958 A Wright Marlborough H Preedy Chippenham Town
1957 D Richardson Rodbourne Cheney H Andrews Wilton
1956 M Safe Salisbury A Willis County Ground
1955 F White Swindon C Thomas Calne
1954 E Parkinson Rodbourne Cheney J Lloyd Great Bedwyn
1953 E Hazell Stratton Churchway A Beavan Chippenham Town
1952 G Holmes Salisbury F Mundy Pewsey Vale
1951 V Hawkins Swindon H Baker Spencer Moulton
1950 E Aplin Rodbourne Cheney H Slade Garrards
1949 M Alford Swindon R Angell Calne
1948 M Dale Rodbourne Cheney B Case Salisbury
1947 M Dale (Ladies section formed) Rodbourne Cheney C McDonald Trowbridge Westbourne
1946 W Cox Wills Imperial
1945 W Lightfoot Chippenham Park

W Lightfoot

Chippenham Park

1938 H James Amesbury
1937 F Forster Winsley
1936 F Bailey Westlecot
1935 J Millar Spencer Melksham
1934 E Case Salisbury
1933 W Buckland Holt
1932 H Parker Swindon
1931 N Neath Chippenham Park
1930 S Ward Devizes
1929 P Beasley Winsley
1928 J Tudman Westlecot
1927 H Malings Trowbridge Westbourne
1926 H Malings Trowbridge Westbourne
1925 W Payne Warminster
1924 W Osmond Salisbury
1923 F Blair Trowbridge Westbourne
1922 J Arnold Swindon
1921 E Musselwhite Wilton
1920 C Hayter Melksham Town
1919 W Love Westbury
1915 W Love Westbury
1914 Dr J Thomas (Men’s section formed) Trowbridge