U 25 SWCL – a good win v Cornwall

Report from Adam Tanner

I unfortunately couldn’t make it to Culm Vale yesterday, but I’m grateful to Gary Jackson for managing the team for the day.
We managed a strong 70-39 win overall.

SWC Rink 1 – Won 36-5

Nathan Richards Westlecot
James Vincent Alderbury
James Richman Highworth
Mike Titcombe Westlecot

SWC Rink 2 – Drew 17-17

Tom Newman Trowbridge Westbourne
Jamie Shadwell Spencer Moulton
Ashley Plumb Amesbury
Gary Jackson Westlecot

SWC Rink 3 – Drew 17-17

Adam Bolwell Winsley
Ashley Peach Alderbury
David Leighfield Alderbury
Craig Morphet Westlecot