BW Men Past Presidents Tour

This year it was decided to tour Worcestershire, we were based at the DIGLIS HOUSE HOTEL
Severn Street, Worcester, WR1 2NF. Tele. 01905 353518  www.
The hotel is situated on the banks of the River Severn and is a short walk from the Worcester
Porcelain Museum, Worcester Cathedral and the High Street.
The tour was from Friday 11th to Monday 14th September and we were a party of 29 men.
All of the Hotel Rooms were individually designed and decorated to a very high standard,
The restaurant and dining room were very well laid out. The food was first class and the
service from all staff was second to none. The manager Anne and all of the staff were very
polite and nothing was too much for them to assist us. If you are looking  for a few days
away we would certainly recommend the hotel.
The Tour Gala Dinner was held on Saturday night our guests being Ivan Poole  President of
Worcestershire B.A. and John Weston  Chairman of Worcestershire B.A.
2015 Bowls Wiltshire Men Tourist
Doug Barlett (Blue Circle) Ken Bray (Avon) Alec Burden (Amesbury)
Dave Eaton (WoottonBassett) Malcolm Ellis (Marlbrough) Ray Fernandes (Swindon)
Ian Francis (Spencer Moulton) Roger Green Spencer Moulton) Cliff Gumm (Winsley)
Dan Harvey (Rodb’ne Cheney) Vic Hilton (wootton Bassett) Franck Hinchliffe (Westlecot)
Keith Hutchens (Chipp’ham P) Keith Joplin (Wootton Bassett) Harry Langley (Swindon)
Tudor Lloyd (Swindon) John Northover (Chipp’ham T) Jack Peterson (Supermarine)
Howard Pryse (Swindon) Brian Raymond (Chipp’ham T) Steve Rose (Rodb’ne Cheney)
Dave Royle (Rodb’ne Cheney) Peter Sanders SVP(Spen,Melk) Colin Sheppard (Amesbury)
John Snell (Alderbury) Mike Tuohy (Swindon) Barry Wheeler (Swindon)
Ross Wheeler (Swindon) John Wilks Wootton Bassett)
Friday 11th September BW Men Tourist v St Dunstans B.C. Worcester
Rink 1 John Wilks 16 v 17 A.Lerry
Rink 2 Dave Royle 27 v 12 V.Evans
Rink 3 Cliff Gumm 19 v 18 M.Borthwick
Rink 4 Keith Hutchens 12 v 21 K.Manning
Rink 5 Dan Harvey 18 v 27 A.Griffiths
Rink 6 Ray Fernandes 18 v 29 F.Hart
Result 110 v 124
Man of the Match:  Super Duck     Dave Royle
MBE (Marginally Below Excellent): Rastus Duck     Ross Wheeler
Highest Losing Rink:  Master Duck & Ducklings
Ray Fernandes(Skip), Peter Sanders SVP, Doug Dartlett & John Snell
Saturday 12th September BW Men Tourist v Worcestershire B.A. @ Barbourne B.C.   Worcs.
Rink 1 Dave Royle 16 v 13 M.Sandoz
Rink 2 Dan Harvey 19 v 23 V.Evans
Rink 3 Peter sanders 15 v 22 K.Buck
Rink 4 Ian Francis 17 v 24 K.Manning
Rink 5 Tudor Lloyd 16 v 20 I.Crewe
Rink 6 Cliff Gumm 18 v 17 G.Gilbert
Result 101 v 119
Man of the Match:  Super Duck     Dave Royle
MBE (Marginally Below Excellent): Rastus Duck         Brian Raymond
Highest Losing Rink:  Master Duck & Ducklings
Ian Francis (Skip) Steve Rose, Barry Wheeler & John Snell
Sunday 13th September  BW Tourist v Stourport Bowling Green Club
Rink 1 Tudor Lloyd 16 v 25 J.Killworth
Rink 2 Ian Francis 30 v 11 A.Quest
Rink 3 Steve Rose 18 v 23 M.Jones
Rink 4 Dan Harvey 27 v 28 M.Bond
Rink 5 Dave Royle 16 v 19 B.Moreton
Rink 6 Keith Hutchens 12 v 17 T.Neddle
Result 119 v 123
Man of the Match:  Super Duck     Mike Tuohy
MBE (Marginally Below Excellent): Rastus Duck         Ian Francis
Highest Losing Rink:  Master Duck & Ducklings
Tudor Lloyd (Skip) Keith Joplin, Colin Sheppard  & John Wilks
Monday 14th September   BW Tourist v Faringdon B.C.
Rink 1 Keith Hutchens 18 v 17 J.Rimmer
Rink 2 T.Lloyd 26 v 15 R.Haynes
Rink 3 Dave Royle 31 v 14 J.Morbey
Rink 4 Ray Fernandes 19 v 16 I Grant
Rink 5 Dan Harvey 23 v 14 J.Durham
Rink 6 Steve Rose 16 v 22 V Garrett
Result 133 v 98
Man of the Match:  Super Duck         Cliff Gumm
MBE (Marginally Below Excellent): Rastus Duck        Steve Rose
Highest Losing Rink:  Master Duck & Ducklings
Steve Rose (Skip) Tudor Lloyd, Jack Peterson & Ross Wheeler