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Blue Circle report from their Open Days

Blue Circle held a very successful Open Day on Sunday  between 2pm to 5 pm.

They had 14 attendees, 2 of which have signed up for full membership, and another 10 are going to come along to our taster/coaching sessions.

They didn’t have many on Monday, although 3 that came Sunday came back for another go and one signed up as a Full Member.

Karen also advised that several people had contact that were not available to call in at the  weekend, due to other commitments, but they may come along to our taster sessions over the next few weeks.

The Club was very pleased with the response they got this year and the feedback they received from those who attended.

You may have noticed, they didn’t have a single jack out on the green, just some fun objects to bowls to.


Report from Downton BC

Mike Hallam quotes “We had a very good Open Weekend and 15 turned up. One man arrived with his 10-year-old daughter. Reminds me of Kevin Cousins who started slightly earlier. A photo attached of the newcomers and our coaches”.

Haydon Wicks Spring Report

Well what a Spring we have endured, not only the Covid restrictions but this awful weather. I have been known to have 5 layers on when bowling! Yes we have begun bowling within the club. Dave Longhurst, our President has worked very hard getting up a Covid Singles competition, pairs competition and league competition for all of us who wanted to get back out there on the green. And, apart from the weather, it has been fabulous, almost back to normal, normal will happen when the clubhouse is fully opened along with the bar! Fingers crossed for the end of June to be fully open, playing against other clubs in both league and friendly games.

Not only has the Covid pandemic been very difficult and challenging for our members, but it has also been the biggest financial challenge the club has faced in our 28 year history. We have had all the costs associated with maintaining the bowling green and clubhouse without any income from membership fees, competition fees and social events. During the pandemic Sports England recognised how Coronavirus has hit sport and physical activity sector hard, so they modified their funding streams to help people safely return to play. We successfully applied for and received funding from Sports England under their ‘Return to Play: Small Grants’ fund. Our funds are being used in three ways, 1) support the running costs of the club, 2) to provide social distancing and hygiene measures for the safety of our members and guests, 3) to increase the quantity of our communal and disabled bowling equipment so we no longer have to share equipment during bowls games.  So a big thank you to Sports England for their support and a big thank you to our Treasurer Paul Horton for all the hard work he has put in to obtain these grants for us.

For those who are on Facebook and are signed up to the Haydon Wick Community page and for those who have read the notices on the Parish notice board you may remember reading about the Bowls Open Day we held on the Whitsun Bank Holiday Sunday as part of the Bowls Big Weekend  by Bowls England. The weather was fabulous and we were so pleased to have about 40 people through the gates, feedback was good, some took away application forms and some said they would be back to the Monday night coaching sessions. We are always on the lookout for new members. What was special this year is that encouraged by the parish council Young People initiative, we had quite a few children and youngsters through the gates – Bowls is not an old people’s sport (look at the champions, under 30!) tho I have to say it’s the older folk who have more time to play.

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about facilities available for Disabled Bowlers, one of our coaches Nigel Morgan is heavily involved in this. There is a Facebook group called Swindon Manor Disabled Bowls which is open to anyone interested in Indoor and Outdoor Bowling. During the outdoor season the group meets at Stratton Churchway or Haydon Wick Bowls Clubs on Saturday mornings at either 10am or 11am respectively. The group welcomes existing and new bowlers and has a breadth of impairments from sight, hearing, physical or mental. There are five Coaches that are qualified and insured and have received training for an inclusive training experience. If you are interested then there are 2 options to make contact, either on Facebook by searching Swindon Manor Disabled Bowls or email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Haydon Wick Bowls Club is supporting the current English Visually Impaired B1 (totally blind) Champion in training for his National championship and will be working with one of our Coaches, Nigel Morgan, who is also Keith’s helper when competing . Nigel is also the current Visually Impaired International Squad Coach. We wish them both good wishes in defending their current title.

At Haydon Wick Bowls Club free coaching is available on Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm except for Bank Holidays. Open to all age groups from 9 to 99! I know I tell you about this in nearly every article but we always like to have new members joining us.

I do hope that by the time you read this the restrictions will have been fully lifted and we have all settled back into our usual way of living, of enjoying bowls, holidays, being with friends and families and that we never have to go through anything like the last 18 months again.

Olwen Johnson, Haydon Wick Bowls Club member




Successful Open Day at Haydon Wick BC

A great turn-out with about 40 people coming through the gates. Most gave great feedback and mentioned a probability of returning at some point.
A good demographic mix with 4 or 5 of the seniors taking application forms away to fill in and 6 or 7 others intend to return on our Monday evening free coaching sessions.


Spencer Melksham have a successful Open Day


The sun shone and members of Spencer Melksham Bowls Club waited patiently for people to arrive. We were not disappointed. From 10.45am we had a steady trickle of people who we were able to accommodate in pairs. Club members supported us by helping on the rink, serving refreshments or simply by ” being present” to help present a positive impression of our club. The rink and surroundings looked great in the sunshine and those who attended were full of praise for what we had provided . We had 21 people attend and we are hoping to see many return for the free roll ups we have extended an invitation for the next 6 weeks. 











Blue Circle have a successful Open Day

Blue Circle held a very successful Open Day today between 2pm and 5pm as part of Bowls England Big Bowls Weekend.

They had 14 attendees, 2 of which have signed up for full membership, and another 10 are going to come along to their taster/coaching sessions.

They are holding another session tomorrow morning, so hopefully they will have more success.

A sunny morning in the Vale of Pewsey

On a sunny morning the Pewsey Vale Bowls Club held an Open Day as part of the Bowls England Big Bowls Weekend. When the club opened it gates there were people queuing up waiting to come in to try the game of bowls. The club was buzzing with people enjoying coffee and cakes and the coaches and club members were kept busy on the green by people wanting to try their hand at bowls Hopefully in the next few weeks some of these people will become members of the club

Big Bowls Weekend success for Devizes Bowls Club

As part of the Bowls England “Big Bowls Weekend”, Devizes BC held an Open Day today (Sat 29th May) between 10.00am and 2.00 pm. Club President Rosemary Bradbury was full of praise for all the members who gave up their time to support the event by either welcoming potential new members to the club, taking them onto the green to let them experience the game of bowls or making coffee for them. She quoted “it was a fantastic effort by everyone involved and to sign up 39 for coaching was absolutely amazing, hopefully we will be able to continue this positive experience for the people who turned up today and in the near future they will become Full Members of the club and enjoy the sport we all love so much”.